Earth is an Element of the Shadow Hearts universe. It is associated with the color green. It is opposed by the wind element. Because of this characters and enemies with this elemental attribute take extra damage from attacks and spells of the wind element. Correspondingly, characters and enemies with wind as their elemental attribute take extra damage from Earth attacks or spells. Its sigil is reminiscent of a leaf or flowering plant. The wavy leaves invoke a noble, royal appearance, which alludes to the beauty and majesty of nature.

Characters with this elemental attributeEdit

Fusions associated with this elementEdit

Shadow HeartsEdit

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Spells associated with this elementEdit

Shadow HeartsEdit

Damage-Dealing Spells
Name Element MP Cost Area of Effect
Flyig Stones Earth 20 Single Target
Rock Storm Earth 36 Multiple Targets
Strike Earth 72 Multiple Targets
Corpse Arm Earth 55 Multiple Targets
Hecatoncheire Earth 70 Multiple Targets
Larva Earth 96 Multiple Targets
Strong Earth Earth 40 Multiple Targets

Non-Damaging Spells
Name MP Cost Effect
Moon Howl 18 Restores a small amount of target's HP.
Howling 32 Restores a medium amount of target's HP.
Shout 64 Restores a large amount of target's HP.
Earth Edge 8 Adds Earth class to the target's physical attack.

Shadow Hearts CovenantEdit

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Damage-Dealing Spells

Thorn Whip - A 36MP attack where Hilda summons multiple thorny vines which constricts aerial enemies and inflict damage on them (5 hits).

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