Element water Edna Capone
Edna Capone
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana エドナ・カポネ
Romaji Edona kapone
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Wataru Hatano
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Uncredited
Age 21
Eye color Brown/Red*
Hair color Brown
Home Chicago
Element Water Element water

[[File:|thumb|Edna Capone]] Sister of the Mafia boss Al Capone, she is the lover of Ricardo who plays at the Four Deuces. As her brother is a Mafia boss, her affairs soon revolve around the Mafia as well.

Library EntryEdit

Al Capone's sister. Unbeknownst to Al, she and Ricardo are lovers. She found happiness away from the Mafia, but life has gone downhill since McManus fell for her.


Edna Capone is the sister of Al Capone, who had recently been thrown in jail for tax evasion. She also has fallen in love with Ricardo Gomez, a mariachi player who performs at the Four Deuces. As our heroes come to Chicago, Edna introduces them to Ricardo after they hear his lovely song.

That night, walking home from the Four Deuces, she is kidnapped by McManus's gangsters and taken to him. He wants Edna to be his girl, but she refuses as she is in love with Ricardo. Enraged, McManus holds her at gunpoint demanding her love. When she refuses again, he shoots.

As McManus's men are disposing of her body, Lady and Killer happen by. Lady resurrects Edna with the gift of Malice. With her newfound powers, Edna goes to Alcatraz to rescue her brother, but only bring chaos and destruction with her summoned monsters. The heroes run into Edna while making their escape, and find her summoning the monster Ronwei to kill the guards. Edna promptly disappears after the fight.

She makes her next appearance in Las Vegas, meeting with Killer. Ricardo is seeking revenge on McManus for Edna's death, and she wants to save him. Edna interrupts McManus's near-triumph over the heroes with an explosive blast, throwing everyone to the floor. McManus is horrified to see her still alive and orders his men to kill her - but Edna shields herself and retaliates with a powerful blast of Malice. When Ricardo goes to make sure she is well, she tells Ricardo to kill her. The Malice takes her over, mutating her into Malice Edna, as she loses control. After she is defeated she tells Ricardo she is happy to see him one last time, before passing away.



Edna and Ricardo's Elements are Water and Fire respectively, diametric opposites. However, as the old saw goes, "Opposites attract" - especially given Yuri Hyuga and Alice Elliot in the first Shadow Hearts, who are themselves Dark and Light aspected.

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