Ekimmu Camera
Shc monster 012
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 51
MP 40
Element Shearts2046 Water
Weight Normal
Hail Break
Location Paris

Deadly Poison
P-DEF Down
Instant Death

EXP Gained 6
Cash 52
Souls Gained 1
Item Drops Thera Leaf

Soul Benediction (Rare)


Bestiary EntryEdit

A carelessly buried corpse and a snake merged together to form this monster. Its scales are packed with bacteria and often spread disease to its victims.


Etymology Edit

Edimmu (often mistranslated as "Ekimmu") is a restless ghost of Sumerian myth. If unable to be settled in the afterlife, it would return to the human world to find those it remembered in life and haunt them.

Malicious, it could possess taboo-breakers, spread disease, and suck the life from the young and old.

It was often considered ethereal, and wind-like, lacking a consistant appearance.

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