ShI monsters 089
Shadow Hearts
HP 250
MP 120
Element Element dark Dark
P-ATK 185
P-DEF 50
Sp-ATK 90
Sp-DEF 65
AGL 54
LUC 54
Mind Assualt
Location Neameto Float
Immunities -
EXP Gained 2220
Cash 1140
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Thera Extract

Bestiary EntryEdit

Half-beast with multiple eyes. Each eye seeks out intruders from different directions. Its green body emits a horrible odor, and it screams as it swings the scythe.


This monster uses Mind Assualt to drain the party's MP so take them out first, espically if they are paired with the Hangman. They do decent damage.


Enkidu leon

Enkidu (right) wrestling a lion.

Enkidu is the wildman companion of the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh.

Although created by the gods as a rival to Gilgamesh, following a wrestling match in which Gilgamesh won, the two became inseparable companions, and Enkidu would aid him in his adventures.

During the course of their travels, the pair killed the Bull of Heaven. For this transgression they were punished by the gods, causing the death of Enkidu.

Wracked with grief, Gilgamesh considers his own mortality, and travels to the underworld to seek the secret of eternal life. He finds a plant which will grant this, but while he bathes, it is stolen by a serpent, which sheds it skin, allowing it to perpetually renew itself.

Enkidu is variously depicted in reliefs, sometimes as a human-animal hybrid, others as a robed, beared man in his role as "Protector of animals".

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