Element wind Ernest T. Seaton
Ernest T. Seaton
Game Sh2gamelogo
Kana アーネスト・T・シートン
Romaji Aanesuto T. Shiton
Age 55
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown/White
Home Paris
Element Wind Element wind

Minor character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Ernest lives in Montmartre, Paris, along with his pet wolf Tetsu. When Yuri and the party pass through the town, Ernest approaches and challenges Yuri to a Wolf Bout, for Blanca to fight Tetsu one-on-one. Upon victory, Ernest gives Blanca the Stamp Card.

Library EntryEdit

Zoologist who lured Blanca to the Wolf Bout. He treats his pet, Tetsu, like his own grandson, but behind his glasses, he hides sharp, calculating eyes.


Real LifeEdit

Ernest is loosely based on Ernest Thompson Seton - founder of the Boy Scouts of America, and pioneer of the genre of animal fiction.

His most famous work is "Wild Animals I Have Known" - of which "Lobo the King of Currumpaw" is the first story - a somewhat fictionalised account of his hunting of a pack of wolves, headed by the black wold Lobo, and his mate, the white wolf Blanca.

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