Equipping this to a character's Physical Attack Ring induces odds of decreasing inflicted's Evasion.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Embodies the tenacity of the baby-eating spider.

Number of Levels: four

Evasion Down 1 Location- All ready in pocession and useable once you meet the Ring Soul in Apoina Tower with Karin and Nicolai.

Evasion Down 2 Location- Found in one of the rooms in Goreme Valley.

Evasion Down 3 Location- Found in a chest beside metal tin barrels in the first hallway at the Hojo Research Lab.

Evasion Down 4 Location- Found in a chest in the 3rd floor of the Asuka Stone Platform.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit




This Ring Item embodies the fierce tenacity of the giant spider Ungol, who can catch a tiger.

Number of Levels: three

Evasion Down 1 Location- In New York speak to the Ring Spirit, and recieve instruction on how to use the Judgement Ring.

Evasion Down 2 Location- In the newspaper office where the lockers are at Rio de Janeiro.

Evasion Down 3 Location- At the second area Beyond The Gate where the path divides take a left and it should lead to a chest where it lies.

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