Evil 1
ShI monsters 105
Shadow Hearts
HP ???†
MP 100
Element Noneelement Non-Elemental
P-ATK ???♠
P-DEF ???♠
Sp-ATK ???♠
Sp-DEF ???♠
AGL ???♠
LUC ???♠
Wind Shear
Location The Graveyard
Immunities -
EXP Gained 0
Cash -
Soul Worth 0
Item Drops
NOTE † HP % based on Yuri's current
total max health.

‡ Item drop is determined
by Malice Meter
♠ Stats % based on Yuri's
current level.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Evil soul that devours the Harmonixer's "spirit graveyard". It attempts to eat away on the Harmonixer's soul on behalf of all the monsters he has killed.


It is normally fought when the Talisman is blue or cyan. It appears as a transparent Wind Shear.


Evil's Japanese name, "Akui-tai" (悪意体) means, literally, "Embodiment [of] Malice".

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