Father Morris Elliot Father Morris Elliot
Father Morris Elliot
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana モーリス・エリオット神父
Romaji Mōrisu Eriotto Shinpu*
Age Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color White
Home London
Element Light Element light.gif

Morris Elliot, father of Alice Elliot. He was a Catholic priest, once dispatched by the Vatican along with James O' Flaherty to find three stolen books. He was killed in 1913 in Rouen, France, one month before the events of Shadow Hearts.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

A priest renowned for his exorcising skills. He died in an alley of Rouen. The heroine's father, and a man who could have shed some light on the string of incidents.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Father Elliot served as an exorcist for the Vatican, and was tasked with finding the man who had stolen three books of forbidden knowledge. He teamed up with James O' Flaherty to find the three books, and they worked together for a time. But after Elliot's daugther was born they began to work apart, and they soon lost contact. Father Elliot was eventually able to track the man who was responsible for the thefts, a man calling himself Roger Bacon, but knew he could not handle such a powerful warlock. Fearing for his daugther's life, he met up with a friend, Father Doyle, who promised to arrange a meeting with a warlock just as strong as Roger Bacon, Albert Simon. As the Elliots waited for Simon, they were cornered by Roger Bacon. In the confrontation, he sacrificed himself to save his beloved daughter, Alice.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Not much is known of Father Elliot. There is confusion, however, over his affiliation with the Vatican. Catholic priests are unable to marry yet he may have had a wife (who is yet unmentioned), and definitely a daughter. He could either have been divorced, or he could have been just an exorcist, who do not receive Holy Orders when anointed. Possibly he could be an unordained priest, or he may have been ordained in another denomination and later converted - converted clergyman are exceptions to the rule of celibacy. Given he was apparently English, a likely scenario is that he was ordained as an Anglican priest (who are permitted to marry) and later converted.
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