Shadow Hearts
HP 250
MP 300
Element Element wind Wind
P-ATK 38
P-DEF 17
Sp-ATK 22
Sp-DEF 15
AGL 14
LUC 13
Wind Fang
Location Zhaoyang Village
Immunities -
EXP Gained 120
Cash 600
Soul Worth 3
Item Drops Lottery Ticket

Bestiary InfoEdit

What became of an old female cat that drank human blood.


Have Yuri fuse with Raging Tiger and attack physically. Alice should defend unless a party member needs healing or items, and Zhuzhen should use Ogre Flamedance. She should drop in no time!



A Nekomata tormenting some shrews

Felinus is Latin for "Cat".

The Japanese name, Nekomata (猫股), refers to a supernatural cat spirit that was able to shapeshift into other forms. There are a few varients, and its legend is often intermingled with a similar type of entity; the Bakeneko - a cat that gained magical powers as it aged.

They would hunt humans, and were sometimes the spirits of domestic cats turned feral, or maltreated by their owners, or by drinking human blood.

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