Fetishes are supernatural statues that give new powers to Shania's Fusion powers. Each fusion has four points to Soul Charge. One increases the status of fusions. Another unlocks new abilities. The third increases the power of the new abilities. The last one decreases the MP cost for these abilities. These fetishes determine the good and bad endings. If all fetishes are found and fully charged, then the ending would be the good ending.

Thunderbird Fetishes Edit

Hawk Statue - increases Thunderbird's stats

Eagle Statue - unlocks new abilities for Thunderbird

Owl Statue - increases power of Thunderbird's abilities

Swan Statue - decreases MP cost for Thunderbird's abilities

Tatan'ka Fetishes Edit

Bear Statue - increases Tatan'ka's stats

Wolf Statue - unlocks new abilities for Tatan'ka

Bison Statue - increases power of Tatan'ka's abilities

Horse Statue - decreases MP cost for Tatan'ka's abilities

La Sirene Fetishes Edit

Whale Statue - increases La Sirene's stats

Orca Statue - unlocks new abilities for La Sirene

Shark Statue - increases power of La Sirene's abilities

Dolphin Statue - decreases MP cost of La Sirene's abilities

Tirawa Fetishes Edit

H'urarau - increases Tirawa's stats

Hotoru - unlocks new abilities for Tirawa

Shakuru - increases power of Tirawa's abilities

Chahuru - decreases MP cost for Tirawa's abilities

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