The Fifth Key is an item that allows for the user to spin their Judgment Ring up to 5 times, if the actions are successful. This is a great way to combo an enemy and rack up some damage points.

Sh1itemlogo Fifth Key
Fifth keysh
Shadow Hearts
Purchase Location

Neamto Float, (Chest)
Cave Temple (Chest)

Dropped By Yamaraja: Calamity
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 2000


A magical weapon Elroy gave a vassal during the 20 Days War of the Gods. If an action is successful, can get up to 5 sweeps of indicator on Judgment Ring.

Sh2itemlogo Fifth Key
Fifth key
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Purchase Location N/A
Dropped By N/A
Found Manmariana Island,

Foreigner's Cemetary,
Hojo Research Lab,
Item Trading,
Solomon's Trials - Monk Lv2

Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 10


Used by the angel guardians in their battle against the fallen devils. As long as the action is successful, the ring can be spun up to five times.

01-2017-jan-1-018 Fifth Key
Fifth key3
Shadow Hearts: FtNW
Purchase Location N/A
Dropped By Malice Gilbert,

Bruce Meow

Found Uyuni Salt Lake,

Mary Snap Card Request" (NG+),
Lottery #5 (NG+),
Prac Beast Sci III",
Lottery #2 (NG+)

Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 10


A holy silver key used by the Angel Mael in the epic struggle against the fallen ones. The Ring may be spun again up to 5 times after a successful action.

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