Fox Face Fox Face
Fox Face.jpg
Fox Face
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana キツネ面
Romaji Kitsune-men
Age N/A
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Brown
Home The Graveyard
Element Dark Element dark.gif

The so-called ghost of Yuri Hyuga 's father, Ben Hyuga. He appears in random encounters once the Malice gauge turns red. He appears in the guise of Yuri's father wearing an Imperial Japanese uniform and a festival mask that Ben Hyuga had given the young Yuri.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

A mysterious man who steps out of the world of nightmares into the real world. He appears when the malice meter peaks. He wears the coat of the Japanese Army.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Asia Section[edit | edit source]

Fox Face is introduced after the prologue on the Train. He says that his presence is thanks to Alice: her powers have opened the Gates of Death, allowing him to enter the realm of the living. The death cries of the monsters Yuri has slain call to him, demanding him to devour Yuri's soul. This prompts a duel between the two, in which Yuri loses. Yuri is then sent to the the Graveyard within his mind, where the Four Masks tell Yuri that Fox Face will show himself when the Malice meter in his talisman turns red. This will cause Fox Face to appear as a common enemy until Yuri defeats the spirit of malice chosen by the masks, at which point Fox Face will return to the world of the dead.

Europe Section[edit | edit source]

Once Alice agrees to carry the burden of the Four Mask Curse with Yuri, the gates on the other side of the Graveyard will open. As she enters, she finds Yuri digging his own grave. Alice tries to get through to him, but his only response that he is digging to "help Daddy sow the seeds." It is then that Fox Face appears, telling Alice that Yuri is weak and deserves to die. Fox Face explains to her that every time Yuri fuses with a monster, Yuri cries out in anguish about how he doesn't want to be a monster. Fox Face further reveals he isn't actually the ghost of Ben Hyuga, but Yuri's other half that is not afraid of fusing with monsters, and that has come to haunt him. As Alice screams at Yuri to stop digging his own grave, Fox Face attacks, knocking her to the ground in pain. Yuri finally reacts, still inside his childhood memories, by punching Fox Face and refusing to let him "hurt mommy," before returning to his normal self. Yuri challenges Fox Face to a second duel. After Yuri proves victorious, Fox Face reveals what he truly is: Yuri (to the bewilderment of the original). Fox Face reunites with his other half and is never seen again.

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