Similar to Joachim, Frank will use anything he can find to attack his enemies, though, unlike Joachim, he attaches it first to a sword hilt. Locations are given to where each of these weapons can be encountered, even though they are sold at shops.

Tree FellerEdit

Tree feller

Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a saw.

Japanese Name: 伐刀・巨大切丸 (Ki-gatana kyodai setsumaru)

Remarkable sword made by adding a hilt to a huge saw. The trick is to crush, not cut. Don’t use a scabbard with this beauty—it deserves to be on permanent display.

+12 +10

Buy Price: 680
Sell Price: 340

Obtained: Default; Grand Canyon

Cactus SaberEdit

Cactus saber

Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a spiky cactus.

Japanese Name: 針刀・仙人掌丸 (Hari-gatana sabotenmaru)

A ninja sword that makes a weapon out of a desert cactus. May look funny, but those spikes are no joke. Easy to care for too, as it only needs watering once a month.

+15 +13

Buy Price: 1020
Sell Price: 510

Obtained: Grand Canyon (direct Frank towards the cactus at the far end of the village); Chicago

Bus Stop SaberEdit

Bus stop saber

Ninja sword made by adding hilt to an old bus stop sign.

Japanese Name: 弁刀・停留所丸 (Ben-gatana teiryūjo maru)

Sword made by putting a hilt on a bus stop that had come to the end of its useful life. The waiting is finally over and it’s time for this hunk to show its metal.

+21 +19

Buy Price: 1530
Sell Price: 765

Obtained: Roswell (direct Frank towards the bust stop by the inn); Roswell

Marlin SaberEdit

Marlin saber

Ninja sword made by adding hilt to a massive swordfish.

Japanese Name: 冷刀・梶木鮪丸 (Hiya-gatana kajiki maguro maru)

Epoch-making ninja sword with a swordfish for a blade. Forget about the spike—there’s nothing in the world quite as unnerving as an attack with a dead fish’s eyes.

+30 +28

Buy Price: 2300
Sell Price: 1150

Obtained: Caribbean Pirate Fort (find the swordfish on the Sunken Pirate ship); Las Vegas

Fireworks SaberEdit

Fireworks saber

Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a firework.

Japanese Name: 点刀・大花火丸 (Ten-gatana dai hanabi maru)

Ninja sword combined with the best Japanese fireworks. Cannily mixes 2 of Japan’s great arts. Bangs, screams, and emits wreathes of smoke for the battlefield.

+42 +40

Buy Price: 3440
Sell Price: 1720

Obtained: Rio de Janeiro (head into the slums and into the large area where the children are playing soccer. Speak with Frank); Machu Picchu

Kokeshi SaberEdit

Kokeshi saber

Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a kokeshi doll.

Japanese Name: 木刀・小芥子丸 (Bokutō ko keshimaru)

Ninja sword made with a kokeshi doll as a blade. Streamlined for speed, kokeshi dolls are supposed to protect the household, so why not fight for it too?

+57 +55

Buy Price: 5160
Sell Price: 2580

Obtained: Moana Village (look at the strange pillar located near the Tiki Statue); Uyuni Salt Lake

Legend SaberEdit

Legend saber

Ninja sword made from legendary sealed sword.

Japanese Name: 聖刀・伝説剣丸 (Seitō densetsu ken maru)

Ninja sword made from a legendary sealed sword—stone pedestal and all! A new kind of Japanese-European collaboration, with special sacred powers sealed inside.

+65 +63

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 3875

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake (4th Floor)

Spicy SkewerEdit

Spicy skewer

Ninja sword made by adding hilt to simmering oden stew.

Japanese Name: 熱刀・串御田丸 (Netsu-gatana kushi o Tamaru)

Good to eat, and a tasty little weapon too, with a tempered blade made of simmering konyaku jelly. The perfect skewer, with sizzling hot radishes and fish sausage.

+73 +71

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 5810

Obtained: Brazilian Ninja Hideaway (given by The Jonin after defeating him in battle)

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