ShI monsters 077
Shadow Hearts
HP 200
MP 0
Element Element water Water
P-ATK 200
P-DEF 50
Sp-ATK 85
Sp-DEF 100
AGL 70
LUC 60
Status Abnormality
Location Doll House
Immunities -
EXP Gained 1500
Cash 1050
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Soul Benediction

Bestiary InfoEdit

Ghost of a young man that roams the Dollhouse. His eyes are missing, and he has fallen out of the circle of life.

Etymology Edit


A corpse-like ghoul, lurking around a graveyard.

A ghoul or ghūl was originally a monster from Arabian folklore, often believed to dwell in graveyards and eat human flesh. In modern times the definition has become looser and "Ghoul" is now often used to describe any kind of undead monster.

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