Graham Garland Graham Garland
Graham Garland
Game Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Kana グラハム・ガーランド
Romaji Gurahamu gārando
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Uncredited
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Uncredited
Age Unknown
Eye color Blue
Hair color Grey
Home Garland Residence
Element Earth Element earth.gif

Graham Garland is the father of Johnny and Grace Garland. His children passed away after a tragic car accident well before the events of the game. He spent the following 5 years working with Marlow Brown, exploring the dark arts to learn and perform the Ceremony of Emigre. Graham lost his own life while conducting the ritual.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

Johnny's father died 3 years ago. Alwats strict at home and at work, but devoted to this two kids. It was this devotion that was to cause such tragedy later on.

Info[edit | edit source]

Graham is a middle aged single father, but also a workaholic. He hardly spent time with his own kids, giving presents from time to time in an attempt to make up for his absence. He is also critical of his servant Lenny, despite the latter's humble behavior.

Connections To Children[edit | edit source]

His connections to his own children are, sadly, poor. He was always at work, using presents to make up for his absence in their lives. He changed when his children died, wracked with guilt over his neglect during their short lives. He sought a way to bring them back, as a way to truly make up for never spending time with them.

Ceremony of Emigre[edit | edit source]

After the death of his children, a man named Marlow Brown came to Graham promising a way to bring the children back. Marlow sought to make a name for himself as a black magician, and so told Graham of the Ceremony of Emigre, a ritual tried by many black magicians - and failed, lethally, by just as many. For five years the two studied and prepared for the ritual, and stole the Emigre Manuscript as part of their preparations.

Roger Bacon, who had been responsible for hiding the book, received word of their theft and rushed to the Garland Residence to stop them before it was too late. Unfortunately, he arrived just as they were almost finished performing the ritual. Once the ritual was complete, Grace released herself from her vessel, but sacrficed the blue light of Will in her to bring her brother Johnny back to life.

Graham was astounded by the new life of his long-dead daughter, but she was a completely different person since she harbored only the red light of Malice. Unaware of this, Graham continued to interfere, hoping that she would remember him. Grace killed her father instead, since he continued to get in her way. Graham still managed to successfully resurrect his son Johnny, but never saw this success with his own eyes.

Still, Graham was the closest of all to actually completing the Ceremony of Emigre, since he wisely used both of the powers of Will and Malice to bring his children back to life. If he had not been interrupted in the ceremony by his own surprise, he could have completely achieved his goal. His failure instead is what caused Grace to become a creature of Malice.

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