Green Flyer
ShI monsters 007
Shadow Hearts
HP 18
MP 0
Element Element wind Wind
P-ATK 30
P-DEF 13
Sp-ATK 16
Sp-DEF 7
AGL 12
LUC 11
Location Zhaoyang Village
Immunities -
EXP Gained 13
Cash 90
Soul Worth 1
Item Drops Holy Mother Bust

Bestiary InfoEdit

Malicious ghost of a girl killed in a horrible manner. She looks sad, but don't sympathize if you want to stay alive.


It is a minimal threat because of their weak strength and low HP. They commonly appear in large groups of monsters. Capable of using the move Confuse on enemies.



Hino-Enma as depicted in a Japanese bestiary

The unusal name is a translation of "Hino-Enma" (飛縁魔, ひのえんま), an entity that takes the form of a young woman and causes misfortune for men - causing them to obsess over her, and eventually kill themselves, while she feeds on their life essence. She possessed the ability to fly and spread misfortune wherever she went.

As stated in the game bestiary info, she was believed to the malicious spirit of a woman killed in a violent manner.

Her physical appearance is possibly based on an old Chinese folktale about a snail girl who saved by farmer and in return did chores for him.

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