Diary extract found in the Guestroom of the London Orphanage. It was presumably written by one of the children sacrificed for Jack's attempt at resurrecting his mother.

NOTE: The numbers in brackets that come after the date are used to open a number lock on a door.

4 February, (13)Edit

It's been two weeks since I was moved into this room all by myself.

Every night the doctor comes to talk about his dead mother. He sounds just like a little child... He always becomes so emotional. He starts to cry. He even gets up and screams all of sudden.

At first, I was scared, but I got used to it. If I just listen, I get to have warm soup and bread. Every night I listen to the sobs of the new kids here.

But then again, I'm usually crying too.

I hope I can find new parents soon and get out of this place... Isn't God listening to my prayers ?

February, 13, (21) Edit

The doctor seems so excited. He smiled and started talking as soon as he saw me.

He was happy because his experiment went well and some book was going to make his dreams a reality.

Sometimes I shiver when I hear about his research. It sounds like the story of Frankenstein to me.

I can't hear the crying of the children tonight.

Even though it's definitely time for it.

22 February, (13)Edit

I had a great dinner tonight. I've never eaten so much delicious food at once.

The doctor was all smiles too. It seems it's going to be my turn to help his experiment tomorrow...

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