Gust Drei
ShI monsters 111
Shadow Hearts
HP ???†
MP 200
Element Noneelement Non-Elemental
P-ATK ???♠
P-DEF ???♠
Sp-ATK ???♠
Sp-DEF ???♠
AGL ???♠
LUC ???♠
Ice Block
Location The Graveyard
Immunities -
EXP Gained 0
Cash -
Soul Worth 0
Item Drops
NOTE † HP % based on Yuri's current
total max health.

‡ Item drop is determined
by Malice Meter
♠ Stats % based on Yuri's
current level.

Bestiary InfoEdit

Concentration of disease in the graveyard that took a shape. It acts as a key to open the dark world and release a god.


It is normally fought when the Talisman is yellow or orange. It appears as a transparent Police Dog.


A slight mistranslation of "Geist", German for "Ghost", or "Spirit".

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