Huararu statue

Fetish for Shania that will permanently boost Tirawa's base stats when charged with Soul Energy.


A H'uararu statue made of fluorescent heliolite. The sunchoke it holds represents cherishing people. It strengthens the spirits that govern heaven and earth.


Upon entering Garvoy Valley, on the ground floor, examine the rubble under the bridge.

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - Base Stats.
LV. 2 25 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+2, Luc+1
LV. 3 75 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+2, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1
LV. 4 125 Str+2, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+2
LV. 5 175 Str+1, Vit+2, Agl+1, Int+2, Pow+1, Luc+1

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