Haagenti's Sigil

A demon of the Bastion of Riches.

Level 9 Crest.

Description[edit | edit source]

Red bull with eagle wings and golden horns. One of the four watchtower guards, he talks with the demons of the Spring of Wisdom.

Where to find[edit | edit source]

Defeat Night Queen in Petrograd.

Solomon's Key Location[edit | edit source]


Bastion of Riches, first row from the bottom, right-most node.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Hail Beak 16 MP Small-area Water attack (high angle) Hailbeak.jpg Hailbeakring.jpg
Hail Breeze 32 MP Medium-area Water attack (knock down) Hailbreeze.jpg Hailbreezering.jpg
Post Completion
Aqua Resist 32 MP Increases ally's resistance to Water-element attacks by 50% Aquaresist.jpg Aquaresistring.jpg
Hail Crash 64 MP Large-area Water attack (high angle) Hailcrash.jpg Hailcrashring.jpg

Etymology[edit | edit source]


Haagenti is a Great President of Hell, ruling thirty-three legions of demons.

He makes men wise by instructing them in every subject, transmutes all metals into gold, and changes wine into water and water into wine.

Haagenti is depicted as a big bull with the wings of a griffin, changing into a man under request of the conjurer.

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