ShI monsters 096
Shadow Hearts
HP 7000
MP 920
Element Element dark Dark
P-ATK 300
P-DEF 56
Sp-ATK 175
Sp-DEF 70
AGL 63
LUC 63
Hate Storm

Black Fog
Status Effects

Location Neamto Float
Immunities -
EXP Gained 45000
Cash 10000
Soul Worth 5 Dark
Item Drops Seventh Key

Bestiary InfoEdit

Strange creature born of the castle spirit. Its soul is dark and full of hate, and its body is filled with venomous liquid.

Battle StrategyEdit


A skull peeping out of Hate

Hate's element is the opposite of the Soul Block, so that means its dark.

Hate knows an ability that will bring back memories, "Hate Storm". But this time it has a twist: it can cause Blind Ring so have a Crucifix or Pocket Watch equipped to your characters. For regular attacks, it can afflict Paralysis or Poison so its best to equip a Crucifix to negate all the Status Problems it can cause.

Other than it knowing Hate Storm and the status problems, it's really easy. You could make it long by just attacking it, or taking the easy way out and hammer it with special skills- your choice.

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