Also known as HP, Health Points are the most important stat of the Shadow Hearts series.

Every playable character and monsters have a set HP. Once all HP is depleted, the character or monster is KOed. Revived allied characters always are given some HP back. Almost all offensive attacks target HP.

There are many abilities that restore HP, but it is mostly typically healed by Cure magic or the Thera Seed item, or stronger versions of either.

The Poison status slowly depletes HP. Drain sucks away HP from the target and gives it to the caster. Instant Death, if successful, instantly removes all HP.

Various abilities and equipment can alter HP. The Ashra's Earrings, for example, increases a characters HP by 20%.

Also the notible abilities of Lucia's Aromatherapy, Tarot Cards and Ricardo's Serenata can effect a character's HP values.

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