Hilda's weapons are primarily wands, but when she becomes curvey Hilda, her wands turn into clubs.

Kind StarEdit

Kind star

A magic cane that turns starlight into energy

Japanese Name: カインドスター (Kaindosutā)

A magic baton that turns starlight into mass. Zap your enemies with the starlight power that shoots from the tip. When full, heavy enough for hand-to-hand combat.

+19 +21

Buy Price: 1350
Sell Price: 675

Obtained: Default, Caribbean Pirate Fort

Brave MoonEdit

Brave moon

Cane that draws its power from the rabbit on the moon

Japanese Name: ブレイブムーン (Bureibumūn)

A gift from the Moon King. The tip is charged with the bounding energy of little moon bunnies. One wave of the cane is enough to banish evil and ugliness entirely.

+28 +30

Buy Price: 2030
Sell Price: 1015

Obtained: Caribbean Pirate Fort torture prize (pick Hilda), Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro

Sunshine of LoveEdit

Sunshine of love

Magic cane that produces power from sunshine

Japanese Name: サンシャインラヴ (Sanshainravu)

Magic cane based on the sun. Converts UV rays to power for taking on bad guys. The more energy saved, the hotter the heat emitted, to a max heat of 6,000 degrees.

+40 +42

Buy Price: 3040
Sell Price: 1520

Obtained: Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro

Trust HeartEdit

Trust heart

Magic stick using the power of innocent girls' hearts

Japanese Name: トラストハート (Torasutohāto)

A miracle cane given to earth by Tripua, god of love. The trembling thought waves of young girls in love are turned into love power that pulverizes the bad guys.

+55 +57

Buy Price: 4560
Sell Price: 2280

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake

Crystal HopeEdit

Crystal heart

Magic stick that turns wishes into energy and power

Japanese Name: クリスタルホープ (Kurisutaruhōpu)

A magic baton bringing together hopeful hearts. There is no end to the miracles possible if everyone works together. Perfect for a heroine adored across the world.

+63 +65

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 3414

Obtained: The Gate

Mag. Key HildingEdit

Mag key hilding

Magic key of the Valentine family

Japanese Name: 魔鍵ヒルディング (Makagi hirudingu)

Key to the world of vampiric magic. Once had a proper name, but its owner prefers this one. Used as a magic wand, or also unlocks the key-hole to people’s souls.

+71 +73

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 5124

Obtained: After opening the gate, speak to a man in Chelsea, then head to the Erick Theatre and fight the Black Bat.

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