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Stranded in America after a crash-landing in an experimental ship with Roger Bacon in Roswell, New Mexico, Hilda decides to travel with the party to sightsee while Roger fixes the ship.

A vampire, like her older brothers Keith Valentine and Joachim Valentine, Hilda fancies herself to be a true super-heroine.

Library Entry[]

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[]

Beautiful pink bat. Yuma and John found it hurt and rescued it. It's actually Joachim's baby sister, but its true form can't be seen now. Maybe next game...

Shadow Hearts: From the New World[]

Hilda transformed into her Slim Form. Everyone loves her. Calls herself a superheroine. In this form, her powers are at their strongest and her personality aggressive.

Hilda in her curvy form. Physically strong, but easily frightened. Has been known to knock out an enemy just by screaming and waving her stick about in the air.

Pink bat stands out even when there's no moon, Changes into a slim form and a curvy form by sucking up calories. Can't resist sweets, but feeds mainly on blood.

Hilda in a curvy mask she puts on to hide her shyness. Hiding her face makes her less afraid and gives her strength, but she's still the same gentle girl underneath.

Slim Hilda in a mask she puts on in the rush of her superheroine role. With her face hidden she acts a bit more sadistic, but everyone knows she's not really like that inside.

Hilda in a Mask of ??? When she forgets her shyness she can summon up great strength from deep within. She tends to regret it once she has taken it off again.

Hilda in her glorious Mask of ??? She didn't like it at first, but now she's crazy about it. "Hey, it's a heroine's right to get a new costume at the end!"


Stranded in America after a crash-landing in an experimental ship with Roger Bacon in Roswell, New Mexico, Hilda decides to travel with the party to sightsee while Roger fixes the ship.

A vampire, like her older brothers Keith and Joachim, Hilda fancies herself to be a true super heroine.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[]

After the player goes to Asuka Stone Platform, they must go to Le Havre. In Le Havre the player will meet Yuma and John first. Joachim misses them, but they miss him less because they have found Hilda ( Peach Bat ). Hilda will give the player a dark tower (Joachim's Second Ultimate Weapon) If they beat her. She will beat the player on the fifth turn, so the player must beat her before the fifth turn.


In her Curvy form, Hilda is more sweet and innocent. In her Slim form, she is more aggressive and proud. In Pink Bat form, she is viciously aggressive.



Curvy Hilda

Hilda wears a black mini dress which goes about 6 inches over her knees, the hem and the skirt is in black ruffled layers. There are two small layers at her waist, both are plain black which are not ruffled with a straight pink hem. The dress is sleeveless and in between her breasts is a purple heart with a golden edge with a white star with a red jewel on it, and hanging from the heart is a tiny pink square shaped bit of cloth. Two inches down her shoulders are long black satin gloves with pink ribbons and ruffled ends. On her neck is a necklace with diamonds and a purple jewel. Her blond hair is cut short and tied with a black ribbon. On her legs are black satin tights which ended at the top of her thighs decorated with pink ribbons held by 2 golden heart shaped pins and ruffled ends like her gloves. And on her feet are pink high heels tied with pink bows. In her hand is normally seen a Crystal Hope Wand.

Fighting Style[]

Main article: Hildegard Valentine/Calories

Hilda can fulfill multiple roles in the party, since she can change forms; while she has a bat form like the other Valentines, her main ability to change revolves around Calories; positive Calories change her form from Slim Hilda, to Pink Bat, to Curvy Hilda, while negative Calories have the opposite effect. She uses wands and keys to attack, as well as an elemental set of Magic Arts learned from a brand of magazines called "Weekly Arts".


Hilda's stats and available Magic Arts vary depending on her form.

  • In her Slim Form, Hilda's Physical Attack weakens, but her Special Attack power is increased. Her Magic Arts focus on offensive spells, making her an excellent offensive mage in battle and a wise choice for dealing large amounts of damage to enemies both singular and in groups.
    • In "Slim Mask" mode, her Special Attack power doubles.
  • In her Curvy Form, Hilda's wand grows in size to a giant club and her Physical Attack and Physical Defense are much greater, though her Special Attack stat decreases in turn. She specializes in hard-hitting physical attacks, and uses healing magic, making her a resilient 'tank' and good support party member, and overall a strong staple for long-winded battles.
    • In "Curvy Mask" mode, her Physical Attack power doubles.
  • As the Pink Bat, Hilda's Physical Attack power is doubled, much like her Curvy Mask form, but she has few Magic Arts; She only possesses Calorie Drain and Energy Charge, and is incapable of using even Stellar Magic. In addition to that, her max HP, max MP, Physical Defense, and Special Defense stats are all halved, making her very fragile. It is in her Pink Bat form that Hilda becomes a true 'glass cannon', becoming especially vulnerable to enemy attacks in exchange for tremendous base Physical Attack strength, with the added ability to increase her already-impressive damage further using Energy Charge.

Hilda can have up to three Hit Areas on the Judgement Ring.


NOTE: The use of Hilda's abilities is dependent on what form she is currently in.

  • Calorie Drain is the only Magic Arts skill that remains across all three forms.
  • When Hilda is in her Slim Mask or Curvy Mask forms, Calorie Drain becomes unavailable.

Magic Arts[]

Magic Arts
Name MP Cost Height Description Image Ring
Calorie Drain 20 MP N/A Hilda drains "+" or "-" calories from her enemies. Caloriedrain Sh3 ring thin calorie drain
Thorn Whip 36 MP Sh3heighthigh Hilda summons binding thorny vines to constrict aerial enemies. Anti-air, 5 hits, Knockdown. Whipthorn Sh3 ring thorn whip
Pumpkin Bomb 68 MP Sh3heighthigh Hilda summons four Jack'O Lanterns for an anti-aerial attack. Anti-air, Large AOE, 8 hits, standard. Pumpkinbomb Sh3 ring pumpkin bomb
Floral Ray 84 MP Sh3heightmid Three sinister flowers bloom and blast the enemies with death beams. 10 hits, Knockdown. Floralray Sh3 ring floral ray

Magic Arts
Name MP Cost Height Description Image Ring
Calorie Drain 20 MP N/A Hilda drains "+" or "-" calories from her enemies. Batdrain Sh3 ring bat calorie drain
Energy Charge 25% of Max MP N/A By sacrificing 25% of her max MP, Hilda can charge her own Physical Attack power by 125% (150% if Ring Perfect). Energycharge Sh3 ring bat entrance

Magic Arts
Name MP Cost Height Description Image Ring
Calorie Drain 20 MP N/A Hilda drains "+" or "-" calories from her enemies. Fatdrain Sh3 ring fat calorie drain
Grand Slam 48 MP Sh3heightall Multi-hit physical combo. Has a high chance of Instant Death on lightweight or flying enemies. 4 Hits, Hard hit. Grandslam Sh3 ring grand slam
Happiness Gift 36 MP N/A Fully restores HP to one unconscious ally. Sh3 happiness gift Sh3 ring happiness gift
Full Bloom 54 MP N/A Fully restores HP to all allies. Sh3 full bloom Sh3 ring full bloom

Weekly Arts[]

Weekly Arts
Magic Art Found
Calorie Drain Default ability.
Thorn Whip Default ability.
Grand Slam Automatically given by Lenny when you finish the boss in Roswell. You obtain the Key Item Weekly Arts 1.
Energy Charge In Rio de Janerio plaza, after you talk with the editor about the newspaper article, talk to the man in the northest part of the Rio de Janeiro plaza (the man is a photographer looking for something amazing) while in Bat form. He'll give you the Weekly Arts 2.
Pumpkin Bomb In Slim form, visit Maona village. Enter the first house and talk to the one of the girls on the right. She'll give you Weekly Arts 3.
Happiness Gift In Curvy form, visit Moana village. Talk to the man who is near the pier and admiring the ocean (he is an artist looking for inspiration). He'll give you the Weekly Arts 4.
Floral Ray In Slim form, after finishing Uyuni Salt Lake and starting or finishing Johnny´s third sidequest to get to Harlem. Talk to the man next to the power pole (the one with "One Way Street") and he'll give you the Weekly Arts 5.
Full Bloom In Curvy form, after finishing Uyuni Salt Lake, go to Chicago and talk with a yellow-hatted man in front of the nightclub. He'll give you the Weekly Arts 6.

Unique Equipment[]

Hilda is the only character able to equip wands, and her ultimate armor, Funny Peach. Hilda has two unique accessories affect her Calorie intake: The Devil Straw and Seraphim Straw, which respectively increase the amount of positive or negative Calories that she consumes.


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Leveling Charts[]

Characters in Shadow Hearts: From the New World follow an arbitrary leveling chart, which regulates the characters base HP, MP, SP, as well as other statistics. The chart below shows Curvy Hilda, Slim Hilda, and Masked Hilda's Leveling Charts.


  • Magic Arts: Energy Charge's in-game description is erroneously written the same as the Entrance Stellar Magic, stating that the user will boost an ally's Special Attack power, instead of their own Physical Attack power.
  • If you look closely at Hilda's wand during some of the cutscenes she will be holding the Crystal Hope Wand which she doesn't obtain till the Beyond The Gate area is unlocked.
  • According to Purgatory, her sin is Gluttony.
  • Keith, Joachim and Hilda all share the same element of Earth.