Hiroki Kikuta

Hiroki Kikuta - The man behind Koudelka

Hiroki Kikuta (菊田 裕樹) born August 29, 1962, is a Japanese video game music composer and game designer. His major works are Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Soukaigi, and Koudelka, for which he also acted as producer and concept designer.


He has composed music for seven other games, and worked as a concept designer in addition to composer for the unreleased massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Chou Bukyo Taisen. He became interested in music at an early age, but earned a degree in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Cultural Anthropology from Kansai University. He spent the next few years working first as a manga illustrator then as a composer for anime series before coming to work for Square (now Square Enix).


After composing the soundtracks for his first three best-known works, he formed his own video game production company, Sacnoth, for which he was the president and CEO. After producing and composing Koudelka, he left to become a freelance composer. Since his departure he has formed his own record label, Norstrilia, through which he produces albums of his own compositions and collaborations with other artists, as well as his previous scores. His music has been performed in concerts such as the Symphonic Fantasies concerts in Cologne, Germany in September 2009, and selections of his works have been published as piano arrangements in sheet music books.


After Kikuta finished Soukaigi, he left Square and founded the video game development company Sacnoth, assuming the position of the president and CEO from 1998 to 1999. During this time, the company created Koudelka for the PlayStation; Kikuta was credited as the concept designer, game planner, scenario writer, producer and composer. His philosophy in designing video games is that the best projects have a limited number of people designing the overall experience and making key decisions. He tried to follow this philosophy in creating Koudelka, and tried to bring a sense of "obsessive passion" to the project, reading what he claims were over 100 books on British history and taking the design team on a trip to Wales to study the country. The game was released in December 1999 to poor reviews which criticized the game's combat system, though they praised the concept, art direction, and music. Kikuta left Sacnoth soon after; the company changed its named to Nautilus and went on to produce four more games including the Shadow Hearts series before folding in 2007.


Year Title Role
1990 The Adventure of Robin Hood Composition
1990 The Legend of Snow White Composition
Video games
Year Title Role
1992 Romancing SaGa Sound effects
1993 Secret of Mana Composition/arrangement
1995 Seiken Densetsu 3 Composition/arrangement
1998 Soukaigi Composition/arrangement
1999 Koudelka Composition/arrangement/concept design/game planning/scenario writing/production
2004 Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro Composition/arrangement
Chou Bukyo Taisen (canceled) Composition/arrangement/concept design/game planning
2005 Sakura Relaxation Composition/arrangement
Nidzuma wa Sailor Fuku Composition/arrangement
2006 Tennin-So Kitan Composition
Kaijinki Composition
2007 Concerto Gate Composition/arrangement
Other works
Year Title Role
1993 Secret of Mana+ Arrangement
2006 Lost Files Composition
Kitan Celestial Grass Composition/arrangement
Emperor of the Sea Composition/arrangement
2007 Alphabet Planet Composition
2008 In the Sky on the Water Composition/arrangement
Love Relaxation Composition/arrangement
Nice Life as Wife Composition/arrangement
2009 DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Premium Arrange Album Arrangement
2010 Tiara Composition/arrangement

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