Hit Classes (also referred to as Hit Types) indicate how an enemy will react to after it is inflicted with damage. All attacks (including Special Abilities) have a hit class. When the last hit of an attack lands, the enemy could be knocked down or into the air. During a combo, the hit class determines if the next attack can or cannot be connected using a Combo or Double Combo.

Types of Hit ClassesEdit



A Standard hit pushes the enemy backward after hitting, maintaining their current height. For example an on the ground will stay on the ground, a flying enemy stays in the air. It is indicated by singled arrow pointing to the right. This the easiest class of hit in which to connect Combos. However, it causes far less damage than High Angle or Knock Down hits.

High AngleEdit


A High Angle hit will knock an enemy into the air when hit. If the enemy is already in the air, they will be knocked further up. This hit class is indicated by an arrow pointing up. The amount of time an opponent is in the air is always the same. You can anticipate this to time Combo attacks.

Knock DownEdit


A Knock Down hit slams the enemy to the ground for a period of time. The heavier the enemy. the longer it is knocked down. This hit class is indicated by an arrow pointing down. Although this can make it difficult to time Combo attacks, it allows certain Combos that cannot be performed with High Angle hits.

Hard HitEdit


A Hard Hit knocks an enemy far away. This hit class is indicated by two arrows pointing to the right. In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Hard Hits cost 50% if the Stock Gauge to execute. This because it will cause the enemy to lose one Stock. When the Hard Hit lands during a Combo or Double Combo, the combo will end. If the enemy hits a wall, they will fly into the air as with a High Angle hit. The lighter the enemy, the further they will fly back.


Bind Ring

An enemy hit with this type of hit will be unable to move until it's next turn. This type of hit is indicated by a linked chain. If an enemy is hit again while still awaiting it's next turn, the hit will count as a combo hit and damage will increase accordingly.

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