Hotoke Garan Anastasia can photograph this enemy during normal gameplay.
Hotoke Garan.jpg
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 6980
MP 888
Element Shearts2005.gif Dark
Weight Light
Mind Assault

Rock Strike
Hail Crash
Red Cradle
Gale Spike
Evil Summoning
Bright Banish
SP Lowering
Black Vortex

Location Dog Shrine

Deadly Poison
Instant Death
HP Down
P-ATK Down
Sp-ATK Down
P-DEF Down
Sp-DEF Down
Evade Down

EXP Gained 75000
Cash 50000
Souls Gained 300
Item Drops Oracle Earrings
NOTE Immune to

Magic Attacks

Garan imbued with the power of a fifth-level Hotoke.

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Garan energized with the power of a fifth-level Hotoke. Despite being half-transparent, he is easy recognizable by his characteristically creepy voice.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Hotoke is a word related to Buddism and has several meanings; It can mean one who has achieved enlightenment, but also can refer to the soul, or spirit of the dead.

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