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Visting professor at Arkham College, working on a classification system for devils and monsters. He is able to bring the monsters in people's minds to life.


Howard Lovecraft is the replacement professor for Professor Gilbert who leaves when confronted by Johnny and company. Proffesor Lovecraft is no ordinary man however, he has the ability to peer into a person's mind and see all the monsters they have faced. He can then use their memories to summon a replica of that monster. This ability serves the same purpose as the pit fights in Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Once you have cleared all of his trials you will be rewarded with the Shield Crest. Then you must find every stellar chart and equip them with every stellar crest to be rewarded with the melt crest.


Professor Lovecraft wears a grey suit. He has a slick moustache and a triagular beard. His element is Darkness.



Howard P. Lovecraft was a famous American writer who created novels and short stories dealing in fantasy, horror, and science fiction, some of his best known being the Cthulhu Mythos and At The Mountains of Madness. Lovecraft was a large inspiration to Shadow Hearts: From the New World and this shows in some of its enemies, which include the Deep Ones and the boss monster, Shub Niggurath, which are derived from his work. Traces of his stories can be found in the previous games to a lesser extent.

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