ICARO Song of Spirits
Shadow Hearts Track 01 - Icaro ~ Song of Spirits

Shadow Hearts Track 01 - Icaro ~ Song of Spirits

Yoshitaka Hirota (Composer)

Hidenobu "KALTA" Otsuki (Percussion)

Kyoko Kishikawa (Vocal)
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ICARO Song of Spirits, also known simply as ICARO, is a brief track in Shadow Hearts and is a recurring musical riff in the series, appearing also in Shadow Hearts: Covenant and From the New World.

Shadow Hearts

In the first game, it is first played in the cutscene where Yuri punches Albert Simon in the face to free Alice.

It also appears in the tracks:

  • Opening Demo Mix I
  • Castle of Silence
  • ICARO (Beated Version)
  • Star Shape
  • Middle of Nowhere
  • Sign of Him (Creation of God)
  • Imbroglio

It also appeared in promotional materials as:

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The theme appears in:

  • Deep Meditation
  • Soul Comet ~ Spirit of the Wolf
  • Sadness Mood
  • Defeat and Death ~ Game Over
  • Evil Gate Opener III ~ Arrival at the Stronghold
  • Icaro ~ Piano Arrangement

It also appeared in adverts as:

  • Prelude ~ Advertise I
  • Icaro Again ~ Advertise II

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

The theme appears in:

  • From the New World
  • Et Unam - Chant of ICARO
  • Great Ghost Dance (With ICARO)
  • Ta Tanka
  • La Sirene
  • ICARO ~ Acoustic Arrangement
  • The Gate
  • Dream Catcher
  • Tirawa
  • Talking about You
  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • Un gemito dell'estinto
  • SABBATH - Demon Banquet-

Special CD

It also appears in the remix of The Wheel Of Fortune - Fortuna

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