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Idar Flamme is one of the many one-time visit dungeons in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The player enters the outer area, which is the most complicated part in the dungeon. It is a maze of large and small passages that sometimes cross each other. It is worth going through these tunnels to find treasures. Not to mention that some of the passages are blocked by eggs that spawn Gigafilaria. They are worth seeking out since each Gigafilaria defeated gives 3 souls. And they usually come in groups of six, giving a good amount of souls if all the eggs are found.

Upon reaching the door to the inner wall, there is a shop that gives the player the option to be dropped off at the entrance to the dungeon. This keeps from going through the entire maze and every enemy encounter to leave the dungeon.

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In the inner part of the castle, there are doors with colors surrounding them. Above them the same colored pipe leads directly to the same colored buttons. Pressing these buttons shuts down the color and opens the doors. In this area there is a Will Power. This should be found and equipped, preferably to Lucia since her Aromatherapy can cancel out Status Abnormalities temporarily. This will help greatly in the boss fight.

Through one of the doors, there is the heart of the castle. Here there are two mini bosses: the Mother Filaria. The player fights two first. Then after their defeat, a second pair appears. Once all the Mother Filaria are defeated, the castle heart stops beating and opens the passage to the boss fight. Yuri and the others confront Rasputin, who then becomes Asmodeus.

Throne Room

After defeating Asmodeus, Rasputin tells Yuri that the Holy Mistletoe's curse is permanent. And he also mentions that Nicolai went to Apoina Tower to unleash the stored malice into the world. After this cutscene, Idar Flamme falls apart and disappears.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Zamuza -
Echidna -
Hati -
Megafilaria -
Gigafilaria -
Name Notes
Mother Filaria -
Asmodeus -

Items[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Leaf 50 Luciafan.png Jupiter Fan 4560
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Seed 120 Anastasiaeggs.png White Swan 3540
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Root 300 Anastasiaeggs.png Blue Serpent 5320
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Leaf 100 Sh2armourlogo.png Plastron 3040
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Seed 300 Sh2armourlogo.png Blue Cape 2840
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Root 500 Sh2armourlogo.png Combat Suit 4250
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Leaf 230 Sh2armourlogo.png Baptism Stole 4560
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Seed 510 Sh2accessorieslogo.pngMale Only Headgear 2700
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Root 1000 Sh2accessorieslogo.pngFemale Only Circlet 3000
Sh2itemlogo.png Soul Benediction 150 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Western Belt 1700
Sh2itemlogo.png Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Chainmail Belt 2700
Sh2itemlogo.png Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Shell Bracelet 2770
Sh2itemlogo.png Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Yuriglovesh2.png Phantom Claw 3240 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Feather Bracelet 3050
Yuriglovesh2.png Hellfangs 4860 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Bell Bracelet 3120
Gepettostrings.png Filament 3440 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Silver Bracelet 3180
Gepettostrings.png Copper Filament 5160 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Mirror Bracelet 3240
Blancabones.png Steel Rasp 2940 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Pocket Watch 5200
Blancabones.png Sharp Rasp 4400 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Will Power 6000
Karinswords.png Espada 3140 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Leonardo's Bear 3330
Karinswords.png Harque Foil 4710 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Replacement Man 5200
Joachimbludgeons.png Earthen Pipe 3340 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Spikes 5200
Joachimbludgeons.png Frozen Tuna 5010 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Lariat 5050
Luciafan.png Saturn Fan 3040 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Pendant 5500

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

  • Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Root - At the first intersection.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Root - From the entrance, go north at the first five intersections, then left at the next. In the next room, take the first intersection north and examine the chest on the left.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Root - On the right just after the yellow-locked door in the second half of Idar Flamme.
  • Luciafan.png Jupiter Fan - From the entrance, go north three intersections, then west, and along this corridor is the chest.
  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Paralysis 2 - From the entrance, go north two intersections, then east, and the chest is just after a filaria pod.
  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Hit Area Expand - In the second half of Idar Flamme, go west, then go north, and open the chest at the next intersection.
  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Strike Expand - From the entrance, take the first intersection north, then the next three east. Examine the chest on the right.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Soul Benediction - From the entrance, take the first intersection north, then the next three east. Examine the chest on the far left.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Bat's Gold - From the shop, head south, then east, then south again, and watch for a chest on the left side of the corridor.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Third Key - In the second half of Idar Flamme, go east for three intersections, then north to the dead-end.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Seal of Speed - In the Mother Filaria Chamber, on the upper platform to the left.
  • Sh2accessorieslogo.png Cosmic Bracelet - From the entrance, take the first intersection north, then the next three east. Examine the chest on the lower left.
  • Sh2accessorieslogo.png Silver Bracelet - From the entrance, go north at the first five intersections, then left at the next. In the next room, take the first intersection north and examine the chest on the right.
  • Sh2accessorieslogo.png Will Power - In the second half of Idar Flamme, turn east, then north, then east at the next two intersections, then turn south to unlock the violet-locked door. Go north at the most recent intersection and into the small room for the chest.
  • Sh2accessorieslogo.png Feather Bracelet - In the second half of Idar Flamme, go west for two intersections, then turn north, then turn east. The chest is before the green-locked door.

Ground[edit | edit source]

  • Sh2accessorieslogo.png Replacement Man - In the Mother Filaria chamber, examine the fourth red wall to the right of the north exit.

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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