Unique to the music of the Shadow Hearts series is the addition of an "insanity track", which is played when a character loses all Sanity Points and goes into the berserk status.

It is always a heavily remixed version of the battle track that is being played when facing a particular enemy.

Listed below are the battle tracks followed by their respective insanity tracks.

Shadow HeartsEdit

"Brain Hopper" - "Ghosts Jogging"
"China Ogre" - "Melt Down"
"Thorn of Mind" - "Reckless"
"NDE - Near Death Experience" - "SSC - Special Short Cuts"
"Demon's Gig" - "Sicking Fucking"
"Imbrogilo"- "Bate Me Bate Me"

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

"Vicious 1915" - "Swoop!"
"Glint of Light" - "Crack Your Body"
"Ladder to Heaven" - "Fatal Convulsion"
"Astaroth ~ Battle with The Fallen Angel" - "Crack Your Mind"
"Deep in Coma" - "Concon Ticktin Con Ticktin"
"Hardcore to The Brain" - "Getting Nasty"
"The 3 Karma" - "Come on!"

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

"Dead Fingers Talk" - "Gestalt Collapse"
"Le Gran Luxe" - "A Silver Smile"
"Light Crossing Border" - "Holy Body"
"Mauve" - "Bailar?"
"Electric Hallucinations" - "Auditory Hallucinations"
"Lady Tears II" - "Astral Tears"

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