Inugami Village appears after the player beats Purgatory and progresses through Katsuragi. The overall map is incredibly small, but there are several options. In the main area, there are a few items. In the back, Yuri and Karin encounter the Ring Soul once more and get an Attack Boost. There is a shop by a two-way fork, where new weapons can be bought along with other various items. Beside the shop is a boy near a tree, who talks to Yuri about attracting beetles. Interact with the tree, and the player encounters a talking beetle, who is remarkably a Lottery member.

The left path from the shop leads to a large Western-looking house. Among the items found there includes Shining Oil, a new Aromatherapy oil for Lucia. The right leads to the Fountain of Sukune. On this path, Joachim gets a new weapon: Clay Idol. If the player still retains the Talking Panda from the item-trading sidequest, one man will exchange it for Ten-Year Old Rice.

The Fountain of Sukune is frequenly revisited in the game. On the first visit, Yuri and his friends meet Saki Inugami, who shows them where to find Nicolai. Unfortunately, Astaroth discovers Saki and takes over her body. She turns into Koneuki, one of the few enemies to be fought in Inugami Village. After the battle, Saki faints. Once she recovers, she explains that she is Yuri's aunt.

There is a Wolf Bout fight at the Fountain of Sukune as well.



La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo Thera Leaf 50 Anastasiaeggs Glow-Egg 17940
Sh2itemlogo Thera Seed 120 Kurandoswords Dojikiri 12300
Sh2itemlogo Thera Root 300 Kurandoswords Yoto 18450
Sh2itemlogo Mana Leaf 100 Sh2armourlogo Kendo Armour 9570
Sh2itemlogo Mana Seed 300 Sh2armourlogo Ascetic's Stole 10250
Sh2itemlogo Mana Root 500 Sh2armourlogo Ninja Gi 15380
Sh2itemlogo Pure Leaf 230 Sh2armourlogo Fountain Robe 14350
Sh2itemlogo Pure Seed 510 Sh2accessorieslogoFemaleonly Circlet 3000
Sh2itemlogo Pure Root 1000 Sh2accessorieslogo Kendo Mask 5800
Sh2itemlogo Soul Benediction 150 Sh2accessorieslogoMaleonly Loincloth 3000
Sh2itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2accessorieslogoFemaleonly Frilly Apron 5800
Sh2itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2accessorieslogo Shell Bracelet 2770
Sh2itemlogo Talisman of Mercy 820 Sh2accessorieslogo Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Sh2itemlogo Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo Feather Bracelet 3050
Yuriglovesh2 Tortoise Claw 10940 Sh2accessorieslogo Bell Bracelet 3120
Yuriglovesh2 Phoenix Fang 16400 Sh2accessorieslogo Silver Bracelet 3180
Gepettostrings Halo Thread 11620 Sh2accessorieslogo Mirror Bracelet 3240
Gepettostrings Rainbow Thread 17430 Sh2accessorieslogo Cosmic Bracelet 10300
Blancabones Adamantine Rasp 9910 Sh2accessorieslogo Zodiac Bracelet 11500
Blancabones Lion's Polish 14860 Sh2accessorieslogo Pocket Watch 5200
Karinswords Dragonsword 10590 Sh2accessorieslogo Will Power 6000
Karinswords Forest Saber 15890 Sh2accessorieslogo Leonardo's Bear 3330
Joachimbludgeons Emcee's Desk 11280 Sh2accessorieslogo Replacement Man 5200
Luciafan Goddess Fan 10250 Sh2accessorieslogo Spikes 5200
Luciafan Poseidon Fan 15340 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Lariat 5050
Anastasiaeggs Snow Flower 11960 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Pendant 5500

Jutendouji Edit

After beating the Dog Shrine, the player should return to Inugami Village and speak with Saki. Afterwards, leave and return again. An old lady will tell Kurando that something has troubled Saki. By returning to the Fountain of Sukune, Saki enguages a final trial for Kurando to unleash his sealed power. Kurando must then fight Koneuki alone as Jutendouji. After the battle, Jutendouji is included to Kurando's Demon Morphs.


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