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A young doctor with multiple personalities and an Oedipus complex. He has been experimenting on animals since his mother's death. He is also a suspect in recent murders.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Jack is the new owner of Cardinal Albert Simon's house. Jack moved into the house with his mother as a skilled doctor, but as they moved in he noticed that his mother looked like she was getting older and older and was in pain and soon she died in a horrified way looking like a mummy and dying in pain.

Jack then soon began studying the dark arts learning more and more how is mother died and finally came to a conclusion that she was cursed. It was then Albert Simon gave Jack the Emigre Manuscript telling him this book was the key in bringing his mother back to life. So he turned his house into a orphanage and followed the the books instructions. Which was similar to Koudelka but instead of using just regular bodies he needed the bodies of children, so he soon collected children on the streets and then used them for his ritual.

Talk Portrait

But soon a rival source named the London Rats formed taking children under their wing keeping them safe from Jack's orphanage. But Jack so learned of their hideout and made his servant capture all the children they could find. As the ritual was soon about to take place Halley's rage got the best of him and as his friend, Chris, was about to be sacrificed she fell during as the earth began to tremble by Halley's unstable psychic powers. But the ritual continued but was a failure, lacking a body to house the soul of his mother's, and was turned into a deformed monster instead.

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