Diary of Jack found in his room at the London Orphanage.

It catalogues his move to the mansion, the death of his mother, his meeting with Cardinal Albert Simon, and his plan to resurrect his mother.

Master's Diary[edit | edit source]

18th April '09[edit | edit source]

We finally finished the move. My mother seems to like mansion too. I was worried when I first came, but I don't believe the ghost of the old owner will return here. Tomorrow is my first day as a doctor.

It will be difficult, but my mother and I will make it.

27. May. 09[edit | edit source]

It's been a month since I started working as a doctor.
So far so good.

But a change in climates has given Mother a chill.
She is always tired and I'm worried.

11. October, 09[edit | edit source]

What is going on!? I have no idea what is making my mother so ill.

Each day her illness worsens. It's unbearable watching her appearance change so rapidly... She used to be so beautiful, but now her body is changing, drying out as if she were becoming a mummy.

Please give me the power to help Mother!

I would do anything to return the smile to her lips...

2. November. 09.[edit | edit source]

It rained hard all night long.

My mother passed away before dawn.

The mummy in front of me will not move again.

I tried to halt her illness, but in the end I failed. My mother screamed like a beast, went to convulsions, and died with an agonized look on her face.

She never failed to grace me with her smile, and was rewarded for it by God with a torturous end.

Tell me "God", why did my mother deserve this? We honored you, prayed to you as we were taught... Why have you forsaken us? It is something I simply cannot fathom...

8. January. 10.[edit | edit source]

As I suspected previously, my mother was killed by some kind of curse.

The more I study the black arts, the more I am certain. If I can but unpuzzle their arcane logic. Perhaps I can solve the enigma of my mother's death.

But why am I doing this? Even if I uncover what caused the strange disease. I cannot bring the dead back to life.

13. February. 10.[edit | edit source]

I ran into someone at town today. His name was Roger Bacon. He told me my mother's disease lies in the secret arts practiced by the ancient druid monks.

What an unsettling man.

He told me that he knew everything about me although we never met before. He has given me a old book. The text is all in greek, so it will take some time to decipher it.

30. February. 10.[edit | edit source]

What have I done?

Have I come face to face with God? A week has passed since I last I slept, yet my excitement and curiosity build all the more! Decoding the Emigre Manuscript shouldn't take much longer.

Then a whole new world will up to me.

2. March. 10.[edit | edit source]

It was already dark when I finally awoke. My relief at finishing decoding the manuscript must have lulled me to a deep sleep. But I shan't hesitate any more.

I have discovered the path that I must take. I can bring the dead to life with the Emigre Manuscript.

I can see my mother's smile once again! I'm going to be quite a busy man...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jack's Journal is the first instance of the Emigre Manuscript being called such; in the previous game was instead translated as the Emigre Document.
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