Johnny uses knives infused with the power of malice.

Clip Point[edit | edit source]

Tough, rust-resistant knife easy for anyone to use

Japanese Name: クリップポイント (Kurippu pointo)

Popular design of knife. Made from stainless steel, it resists rust and is sturdy and easy to use. Used by the whole family for cooking and household jobs.

+11 +11

Buy Price: 580
Sell Price: 290

Obtained: Grand Canyon

Wish Knife[edit | edit source]

Self-defense knife that is also a valuable work of art.

Japanese Name: ウイッシュナイフ (Uisshunaifu)

Finely crafted knife tipped with diamonds. A well-known English nobleman escaped his pursuers with this knife after eloping with his commoner sweetheart.

+14 +14

Buy Price: 870
Sell Price: 435

Obtained: Grand Canyon, Chicago

Gurkha Khukuri[edit | edit source]

Special knife used by Gurkha troops.

Japanese Name: グルカククリ (Gurukakukuri)

A knife used by the Gurkhas, the fiercest soldiers in the British Empire. Veteran fighters can bring down a cavalry officer and his horse with this one knife.

+20 +20

Buy Price: 1300
Sell Price: 650

Obtained: Grand Canyon, Roswell

Assault Knife[edit | edit source]

Ergonomically designed knife

Japanese Name: アサルトナイフ (Asarutonaifu)

Knife based on latest ergonomic technology. Specially-designed grip allows maximum incisions with minimal effort. With good technique, can fell a tree in one blow.

+29 +29

Buy Price: 1960
Sell Price: 980

Obtained: Las Vegas

Cleria Dagger[edit | edit source]

Custom knife used by Indian warrior monks.

Japanese Name: クレリアダガー (Kureriadagā)

Based on a Buddhist weapon called a vajra. Used in India since ancient times by warrior monks. A spell in the blade slows the healing of wounds.

+41 +41

Buy Price: 2940
Sell Price: 1470

Obtained: Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu

Oiloon Knife[edit | edit source]

Blade made from Oiloon, 'The Silver that Summons Death'.

Japanese Name: オイルーンナイフ (Oirūn'naifu)

Made by Flagagh, half-man, half-elf. The blade is made from a special ‘Silver That Summons Death’ and can cut spirit forms as well as physical beings.

+56 +56

Buy Price: 4400
Sell Price: 2200

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake

Dragon Tail[edit | edit source]

Knife made from an Acid Dragon’s Tail.

Japanese Name: ドラゴンテイル (Doragonteiru)

Knife made from the tail of an Acid Dragon living in the foothills of the Zaanu mountain range. The blade has an acid coating that corrodes anything it touches.

+64 +64

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 4955

Obtained: Garland Residence

Cherry Bowie[edit | edit source]

A short sword strong enough to cut through a planet.

Japanese Name: チェリーボウイ (Cherīboui)

A short sword with the strength to cut through a planet. Nameless until now, as even the gods feared its power. On this occasion, Natan names it on impulse.

+72 +72

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 7430

Obtained: Roswell

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While its origin is unclear, Oiloon appears as a fictional metal ore in other Japanese works (compare Mithril from Tolkien), as an ore that can destroy magical entities, and artifacts, but also may leech the life of the user, leading it to be called "Cursed Iron".
  • Cherry Bowie is a pun on "Cherry Boy" ("チェリーボーイ"), a Japanese slang term for a male virgin. Hence, Johnny becoming flustered when Natan names it.
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