Bishop Jovis Abraham Bishop Jovis Abraham
SH-C - Jovis1.jpg
Bishop Jovis Abraham
Game Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Kana ヨウィス・エイプラハム
Romaji Youisu Eipurahamu
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Kinryū Arimoto
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Joe Ochman*
Age 70+
Eye color White (Blind)
Hair color Grey
Home Goreme Valley
Element Light Element light.gif

Minor character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Libraby Entry[edit | edit source]

Former Archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church, founder and former leader of Sapientes Gladio. Disappointed in his failure to stop Rasputin, he went into seclusion.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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