Kevin Kevin
Kevin 2.jpg
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana ケビン
Romaji Kebin
Age Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Light Brown
Home Bistritz
Element Fire Element fire.gif

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

He became the mayor of Bistritz with money. He performs strange experiments, and stalks Terry's wife, Michelle.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Kevin is the mayor of Bistritz only living there to find treasure and doing some weird experiments. Terry was also in the mayor plan in looking for gold and helping Kevin with his strange experiments. But Kevin was also getting interested in the mail that Terry got from his friend in America starting to keep a watchful eye on him. And during one of their experiments they were able to summon and control monsters.

Talk Portrait

But Terry soon become afraid about the monsters and wanted to get rid of them once and for all so he heard of the exorcists in Prague hoping to find help. But Kevin soon saw him as a threat and sent Olga when she was working for him to kill Terry before he revealed his plans to Alice and Zhuzhen. And as are heroes went to investigate the Blue Castle, Kevin went to Michelle's home demanding the gift that Terry's friend in America sent him thinking that it was golddust. Since Nina refused to give it to him he took Michelle hostage telling Nina she will die if she didn't give him the gift in a hour. But he met his fall when Alice, Zhuzhen, and Keith stopped him.

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