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Element fire Killer
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana キラー
Romaji Kira
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Kōji Ishii
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Matt Hoverman
Age 24
Eye color Yellow/Red*
Hair color Dark red
Home None - Transient
Weapon(s) Knives
Special Arts Malice powers
Element Fire Element fire

A man known only as "Killer", he is a serial killer on a nationwide wanted list, who was granted Malice powers by Lady when she saved his life; this action gains her his devotion. When it is hinted that increasing the power of Malice and opening The Gate will gain her happiness, he decides that he will let nothing stand in her way. Slightly more human since receiving the Kiss of Malice, he is still ruthless and malicious, and his newfound powers make him far from a pushover.

Library EntryEdit

A red-headed man who was chased by the cops in Brooklyn. Rescued by a mystery woman when wounds immobilized him. Has deep-set eyes and a chalky complexion.

Brutal murderer on wanted lists all over America. Symbolizes the dark side of the States. Got powers from Lady when she helped him. They now work in tandem.


Pre GameEdit

His past remains very much a mystery to the player. What little that is known, is that at some point for unspecified motives, he became a notorious serial killer.


Killer before receiving the kiss of malice was heartless and careless, killing anyone who got in his way, but after Lady gave him the kiss of malice, he started to grow an attachment towards Lady and a desire to protect her from those who wished to do her harm. He also likes to take advantage of those around him and then dispose of them once they are of no use to him.

Likewise when Killer almost killed Gilbert after he told him how to open The Gate to give Lady her voice. His anger also gets the best of him and he won't think things out clearly once he is angered. He normally attacks without a second thought and he will never give up to kill his target. He is also impatient, indicated when The Gate wouldn't open fast enough. He also doesn't respect anyone no matter how knowledgeable or friendly they seem unless they appeal to his interests of course, temporarily, and only shows affection to Lady even quoting "You saved me, you know. It's the first time...anyone did that for me. That's why...I'm not trying to thank you. But I'll protect long as I can...till I die." But even though he has a soft side,he isn't comfortable showing it.


"People me Killer. And you? ...Lady! That's what I'll call ya!"

" I finally got the chance to kill and I'm itchin to do it again"

".....You saved me, you know. It's the first time...anyone did that for me. That's why... I'm not trying to thank you, but I'll protect long as I can...till I die."

"I'm gonna help Lady get whatever she wants. I couldn't care less if this world is destroyed. As long as I can be with Lady, I'm happy."

"This kind of talk really isn't my style. If you go against Lady, I'll cut your hearts out! Now that's my wish."

"Die maggot!"(In Battle)


  • He somewhat resembles Yuri from the previous games, but has red hair. He also has a weapon somewhat similar to Yuri's as Yuri uses dagger-like knuckles.
  • His true name is never revealed to the player.

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