Due to lack of subtitles for the non-Japanese releases of Koudelka, this page documents the spoken dialogue used in the ingame cutscenes, and FMVs.

Disc 1[edit | edit source]

Werewolf Attack[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg (*Grunts*) Too early, Angel. I'm not dead yet!
Koudelkahead.jpg Not yet; but it looks like you're going to die soon.
Edwardhead.jpg Maybe...but you'll have to pardon me...while I tend to some unfinished business first.
Koudelkahead.jpg Business? What you can you possibly accomplish in your condition?
You can't even hold your gun steady.
Edwardhead.jpg Won't know unless I try.

That thing's not going to die unless I shoot it two or three times!

[A Werewolf creature stalks behind Koudelka.
She stabs it, and it tosses her into the wall.]
Edwardhead.jpg Dammit! Here use this!

Koudelka Meets Edward[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Hey! What about him?
Koudelkahead.jpg He's dead.
Edwardhead.jpg Really? Thank you. *Grunts*...So I guess...my time is up?

Hey! Angel. I'm not gonna ask you to take me to heaven...
But will you pray for me at least?

Koudelkahead.jpg Are you out of your mind? There's no bloody way I'm going to pray for you.

But, I guess I owe you because you saved me too.
Payback time.

[Koudelka begins to heal Edward with a spell.]
Edwardhead.jpg *Howls of pain*
Koudelkahead.jpg Shut up! Keep it down!
[Koudelka finishes healing Edward and stands up to leave.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Okay. Let's go.

Stand up, or I'll leave you here!

Edwardhead.jpg What happened? It dun't-it dun't hurt anymore. I'm cured?
Koudelkahead.jpg Yeah. And? So I cured you, so what?
Edwardhead.jpg You? You cured me? But I was almost dead!

I'm confused; so you really are an angel?

Koudelkahead.jpg Don't be foolish. Do you really think that there are angels on earth?

I'm no angel. I'm just a medium with a little curing power.

Edwardhead.jpg I'm-I'm Edward J. Plunkett.

I-I know I look pretty shady, but you don't look too wholesome yourself. I-

Koudelkahead.jpg No. I'm not like you, and this is no place for people like you! Why did you come here?
Edwardhead.jpg I heard a rumour.
Koudelkahead.jpg A rumour?
Edwardhead.jpg I heard something in London.

That the son of some rich family bought an old monastery.
Spent a ton of money to convert it into a house.
I heard he brought quite a lot of harlots here.
Seems like he was having a great time.

Koudelkahead.jpg So. Where is this monastery?
Edwardhead.jpg That's what I wanna know!

I came all this way to put a poor man's fear of God into this rich bastard!
So far I haven't found anything.
Then this monster attacked me; I-I almost got killed!
If you'd come any later, no doubt, I'd have been singing hymns in his stomach right now.

Koudelkahead.jpg I shouldn't have brought such a good horse; she's too fast.
Edwardhead.jpg Too bad you won't be hearing me singing those hymns.

When I was a boy I was a pretty good soprano.

Koudelkahead.jpg If you don't stop talking I'll leave you here!

My name is Koudelka. And I'm only going to say this once. So don't forget.
If you want to get out of here alive I suggest you stick very close. Got it?

Edwardhead.jpg Charmed, I'm sure.

The Caretakers[edit | edit source]

Ogdenhead.jpg How unusual that you two have decided to come to our rural district.
There's really nothing interesting here.
Bessiehead.jpg It has gotten so cold outside. We weren't expecting any visitors.

The soup is all we have; please have as much as you want!

Ogdenhead.jpg Oh yes, please!
Edwardhead.jpg Thanks! It smells great!
Bessiehead.jpg Wouldn't you like some dear? Don't you like potato soup?
Koudelkahead.jpg No! ...It's not that. I'm all right for now. Thank you for your hospitality though.
Bessiehead.jpg No trouble at all! Please let me know if there is anything we can do.
We are the only ones who live here, and it's so rare that we get any visitors.
Edwardhead.jpg So are you two really the only ones who live here?
Ogdenhead.jpg ...Why do you ask?
Edwardhead.jpg Well it was pretty foggy so I couldn't tell for sure...

But this building looked like an old church or something.
Seems a little big for just the two of you.

Ogdenhead.jpg You're right.

In the ninth century, a saint from Ireland named Daniel Scotus built a place of worship here
to appease monsters and evil spirits.
That was how the Nementon monastery started, or so I heard.

Koudelkahead.jpg Monsters... Is that right?
Ogdenhead.jpg Yes. What about them?
Edwardhead.jpg You might not believe this, but we saw a monster on our way here!
Ogdenhead.jpg Is that so? You saw it too?
Edwardhead.jpg You mean...that monster's been around for a while?
Ogdenhead.jpg Well...we have been taking care of the monastery for a number of years, but...

From about six months ago...monsters have been appearing.

Bessiehead.jpg We see them more, and more every month!
Ogdenhead.jpg And I used to be a sailor, and I'm not afraid of any monsters!
Bessiehead.jpg Oh, dear! What if something terrible happens to you!?
Edwardhead.jpg We almost got killed back there! Now we're out of bullets.
Ogdenhead.jpg That's not good! The monsters might try and attack you again.

I'll spare you some bullets!

Edwardhead.jpg Thanks. That'd be great!
[Ogden leaves to get some bullets.]
Bessiehead.jpg Looking after others; he's so wonderful at that!
Koudelkahead.jpg So, have you two been together long?
Bessiehead.jpg Yes, quite a while.

Now all he does is paint and maintain this old building.
That's his daily routine.
But back in the old days-

[Ogden returns with the bullets.]
Edwardhead.jpg Thanks, Ogden. I owe you one.

Poison Soup[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Now this would make good rations! Let's take some with us.
Koudelkahead.jpg I can't believe it. Are you still hungry?
Edwardhead.jpg I didn't have anything to eat or drink for three days. Of course I'm hungry!

Speaking of which, you wasted all of that food. What's wrong with you?

Koudelkahead.jpg Yeah. If it weren't poisoned then I would have had some.
Edwardhead.jpg Pardon?
Koudelkahead.jpg I said: "If. The. Soup. Weren't. Poisoned, then I would have had some". Got it?
Edwardhead.jpg Poisoned? *Chuckles* No way!
Koudelkahead.jpg Just a little bit. I smelled some poisonous plant.
Edwardhead.jpg *Gasping* Uh, what's happening?
[Edward falls to his knees, clutching at his stomach.
Koudelka nonchalantly warms herself by the fire.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Oh, I can tell you how you're going to feel.
In about half an hour you won't be able to move your body.
If you don't find an antidote...you'll definitely die.
Edwardhead.jpg So they really were trying to kill us? But why?
Koudelkahead.jpg Don't know.
But it seems they're quite used to doing it this way.
They must be hiding something.
[Edward starts howling with pain.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Listen, Edward, I'm going to try to cure you now.

But you have to promise that, when I do, you won't get mad and rush back to that couple right away! It's safer if we pretend we're dead, and continue exploring this building. I think we'll find something interesting for sure.

Meeting James O'Flaherty[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg Ah! My head! What happened? Oh, Yes, that's right! That monster... *Groans*

Who on earth are you two?

Edwardhead.jpg Hey! We rescued you and that's your way of saying thanks!?
Jameshead.jpg Little did I know that thieves these days, were into rescuing perfect strangers.
Edwardhead.jpg You!
[Edward motions toward James.

Koudelka holds him back.]

Koudelkahead.jpg My name is Koudelka, and this is Edward. Would you mind telling us how you ended up collapsed down this path?
Jameshead.jpg My name is James. James O'Flaherty. I've been searching for something and it took me to the monastery. Little did I know that it'd become a breeding ground for demonic spirits.
Edwardhead.jpg Then how did you get in here dressed like that?
Jameshead.jpg Through the main gate of course. The caretakers welcomed me with open arms.
Edwardhead.jpg That husband and wife team? And the food? Was there no poison in your food?
Jameshead.jpg What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind!?
Edwardhead.jpg These caretakers tried to poison and kill us.
Jameshead.jpg That's not funny! I find it inappropiate for you to try to dupe an upstanding believer of the Christian faith!
Koudelkahead.jpg So nothing happened to you then?
Jameshead.jpg Of course not! Not until I encountered that monster.
Edwardhead.jpg Yeah? And we're the ones who took care of that monster! Far be it from me to expect any words of gratitude from you!
Jameshead.jpg I see. And I can tell from your appearances that the power of your faith alone was not enough to smooth things out with that monster!
Koudelkahead.jpg It wasn't the kind of problem that faith alone could solve(!)
Jameshead.jpg Ugh!
[James examines a nearby font.]
Jameshead.jpg Look at this plinth. It's broken now, but...holy water ran from it until recently.

But, I've become distracted. Almighty God, please give me the strength to ward off these monsters.

Edwardhead.jpg I can see that we've wasted our time here.
Koudelkahead.jpg Mmmhmm.
Edwardhead.jpg Let's go, Koudelka!
Jameshead.jpg Just a minute! Although I'm under the protection of the Lord...it doesn't hurt to take precautionary measures.

I think I'll go with you.

Poetry[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg What a dark and depressing building.

Even with the temple you can't feel the presence of the Lord's light.
I can't believe I've stepped foot in this place.

Edwardhead.jpg "Where all have gone, and all must go.

To be the nothing that I was,
Ere born to life and living woe."*

Jameshead.jpg Lord Byron, no? I am not an admirer of his.

In the first place, his poetry is unrefined.

Edwardhead.jpg And who gave you the right to judge the refinement of poetry?
Jameshead.jpg Poetry should delve into the depths of the souls of the faithful... and others.

It should inspire the soul, as do Alexander Pope, George Herbert...

Koudelkahead.jpg If they have the power to do away with these evil spirits, I'd choose anyone, even that dear old carpenter's son you love so much! *Laughs*
Jameshead.jpg Blasphemous!
Koudelkahead.jpg *Laughs*
Jameshead.jpg Pagan! How dare you utter such words of sin!
Koudelkahead.jpg To seek help from someone you have never met before is ridiculous!

Especially when people are dying from hunger every single day in London!

Jameshead.jpg Ah! They're all filthy, and immoral little beggars that deserve to die.

Heaven is-

[Gunshots are fired at the building.

Koudelka, James, and Edward duck.]

Edwardhead.jpg That doesn't sound like a demonic spirit to me!
Koudelkahead.jpg The noise is coming from that building over there!
Edwardhead.jpg The poison didn't kill us, so now they're taking the fast and easy way now!
Jameshead.jpg Don't be ridiculous!
[Edward stands up.]
Edwardhead.jpg Why don't you ask the bullets who's being ridiculous?
[Koudelka drags Edward back into cover.]
Koudelkahead.jpg You idiots!

Glimpse of a Ghost[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Hey...hey, wait a minute! Hey!
[Edward is stopped from walking into a pit by Koudelka.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward!
Charlottehead.jpg You should've just died for me. I wanted you to lay down and die. Hehehe!
[Charlotte fades into the wall.]
Jameshead.jpg A ghost?
Edwardhead.jpg Yeah...

Koudelka Possessed[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg My goodness...this building is full of dead bodies and skeletons.
Koudelkahead.jpg It's full of ghosts and spirits. Ah! I can feel them. Oh, my head hurts!
Edwardhead.jpg I got a bad feelings about this.
Jameshead.jpg Horrible! Dear Lord, please save these lost souls.
Koudelkahead.jpg This must have happened a long time ago.

And the power is so strong! If I can channel some of these spirits, maybe I can find out what happened here.

Edwardhead.jpg Channel the spirits?
Jameshead.jpg Shame on you! You two should be praying for their souls!
Koudelkahead.jpg The spirits floating in this room; I can let them possess my body so they can talk. (*Gasps*)

The reason I came here is I heard the cry of one particular female voice, she was-

Jameshead.jpg I will not stand for this. Not only do you not believe in God, but now you're going to disturb the spirits?
Koudelkahead.jpg Shut up! Would you stop bothering me?! Huh, oh, chains and darkness, oh, oh, death,oh no...

There were so many of them!
This. Is. Hell.

Edwardhead.jpg What? What's going on?
Koudelkahead.jpg They were imprisoned...and tortured, and oh, thousands of them.
[Koudelka's voice deepens suddenly.]

Kill them! They cut off my fingers! They crushed my legs!
They smashed my head, and cut out my guts!
They took everything from me! They locked me up and chopped my body!

[Koudelka's voice returns to normal.

She clutches at her body in agony.]

Koudelkahead.jpg Gah! Oh my eyes! Argh my ears! Ah they're burned! Help! Help!
[Koudelka calms.]

(*Gasps*) How horrible. This place used to be a prison...for hundreds of years, kept in secret. Whoever went against the authorities, or "misconducted" themselves in any way were locked up here, and, killed.

[Edward reaches out his hand to her.

Koudelka's springs from the bed, her voice deep once again.]

Koudelkahead.jpg No! Don't touch me! You, piss off! Go to hell!

(*Screams, sobs*)

Liars and Thieves[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Did you see all those bodies? Be quite a party if they were alive.
Jameshead.jpg They've probably been abandoned for hundreds of years. Must be some fascinating old stories.
Koudelkahead.jpg I saw some pretty fresh ones too. One who was shot. One who'd been cracked in the head with an axe. And some with no visible signs of injury, they must have been poisoned.
Edwardhead.jpg I bet the new ones were fortune seekers like us? That old couple must have got-
Jameshead.jpg Do you mean to tell me they killed all those people? Rubbish!
Koudelkahead.jpg All those deaths are rubbish?!
Jameshead.jpg They are all liars and thieves anyway. This is still a monastery. This is still God's house, prison or no. Why, all those liars and heathen are killed are none of my concern.
Edwardhead.jpg How could you possibly say a thing like that? That doesn't sound very priestly.
Jameshead.jpg I am not a priest. I am a bishop!
Edwardhead.jpg I don't give a rat's ass what you are! Look, I'm not saying that all those people were saints, OK? But that doesn't mean they should be put to death!
Jameshead.jpg You saw that old couple. They're so well mannered! kind! You think they're killers?
Edwardhead.jpg "Good manners?"
Jameshead.jpg Yes!
Edwardhead.jpg Think about it! Why would they leave the place such a mess!?
Jameshead.jpg I don't know!
Edwardhead.jpg You'd think they'd at least bury the bodies!
Jameshead.jpg Possibly!
Koudelkahead.jpg Anyway! I have this strange feeling we're not alone with all these bodies and ghosts. You better keep your mouths shut. If you want to live.

Unsteady Floor[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg Koudelka, did you find anything?
Koudelkahead.jpg No. Nothing. But...
[The floor collapses under them. They fall into a bone pile in a room below.
A figure is seen moving in the room above.]
Edwardhead.jpg Who's that!?

Disc 2[edit | edit source]

The Ghost Girl, Charlotte D'Lota[edit | edit source]

Koudelkahead.jpg Darn!
Edwardhead.jpg How does it look? You think we can get out?
Koudelkahead.jpg I don't think so. You'd need the strength of a bear to break those bars with your hands.
Jameshead.jpg What do you mean we cant get out!? How hard can it be!?
Koudelkahead.jpg Why don't you ask these guys?
Edwardhead.jpg Dammit! Did you see that? Someone's in here.
Jameshead.jpg Will you shut up and get us out of here! How hard can it be for thieves like you to get us out of a place like this?
Edwardhead.jpg Try saying that in the East End, holy man. Your severed head would hit the ground before you even finished the thought!
Jameshead.jpg Worthless! I can't believe I'm wasting my time on you. I'm on a mission from God!
[Charlotte fades into view.]
Charlottehead.jpg What a waste, such a terrible waste. My name's Charlotte.
Not that it means anything. Not that you have a prayer. I'm talking to three dead people.
Nobody's gonna save you.
Koudelkahead.jpg So you died here as well?
Charlottehead.jpg Yes. I died here too. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
They locked me up in here right after I was born.
They beheaded me the day I turned nine.
"Happy birthday!".
I've been trapped here ever since and no-one even knows who I am.
Jameshead.jpg My poor little angel.
Charlottehead.jpg *Laughs* "Poor little angel", me? Save your pity for yourself. You'll be dead within three days.
Jameshead.jpg Not true. I don't know what your circumstances are, but I know that your mother loved you very, very much.
Charlottehead.jpg ......My mother? I don't know her face, her name, where she came from, nothing.
You're telling me that means nothing.
From the day I was born to the day I died, no-one ever loved me, and I never want to be loved.
Just die all of you!
Just die!

Treasure Trove[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg Amazing! Absolutely amazing! I can't believe these treasures are in this monastery. Is that Montaigne's signature? Oh, that's a Caravaggio! Unbelievable, truly. Why have these treasures been forgotten?
Koudelkahead.jpg "Treasures".
Jameshead.jpg If these treasures can be contributed to the Vatican, their value to Christianity is unquantifiable. What a discovery!
Koudelkahead.jpg Do you remember what this place is? It's not just a monastery. It was a prison.
People were executed for fighting each other for supremacy.

These "treasures" must have been taken from them; soaked with curses and hatred.
And you'll be cursed if you worship those things.

Jameshead.jpg I am a busy man that does not have the time to teach you the importance of faith.
But I will tell you why we have found these treasures. It can only have come from the guidance of God. God sees all. He knows all. Got it?
Koudelkahead.jpg Preach to the converted.
Jameshead.jpg What about you Edward? You seem a little more educated than she.
Edwardhead.jpg I don't really care. Talk to me about monetary value. Save the holy crap.
Koudelkahead.jpg *Laughs*
Jameshead.jpg Hm. Seems I am disappointed once again.

I believe these dead thieves are better than you two. At least they appreciated true value.

Koudelkahead.jpg Instead of preaching I want you to understand something, OK?
You can't label all those dead bodies as thieves hunting treasure.
I saw plenty of dead women who were cut up and mixed in with the mummies, and they were pretty fresh.
Edwardhead.jpg Yeah strange. Even if I was used to seeing dead bodies I'd be vomiting.
Koudelkahead.jpg So it is that couple. But why?
Jameshead.jpg Fools! How could such a kind and faithful couple be cold blooded killers?
This is the work of jealousy and greed...and pagans born of savagery; immigrants!
I will not be a party to such abusive slander.
This is...this is so unpleasant!

Ambush![edit | edit source]

[Koudelka, James and Edward walk into a large hall]
Edwardhead.jpg You always blame everything on the savagery of pagans.
Are all men of the cloth like that?
Jameshead.jpg It's senseless to tell you this, but the truth is-
[A man shoots at a chandelier.
It falls to the ground, narrowly avoiding the trio.]
Koudelkahead.jpg What the!?

The Thief, Alias[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Thief!
Koudelkahead.jpg He's been sneaking around in the shadows and sniffing for treasure.
Edwardhead.jpg Just like us.
Jameshead.jpg Well sir, explain yourself!

It's as plain as day this ruffian's a blood thirsty killer who's been chasing us. Where you from? Hamburg? Not that it really matters.
Obviously a dirty immigrant thief. Probably infected with cholera, or something. Most of you are!

Aliashead.jpg None of your business where I was born. You bastard!
Koudelkahead.jpg Look, I don't really care where you were born, and I agree, (*Laughs*) he is a bastard. But tell me, did you kill all these people?
Aliashead.jpg Look, I'm an immigrant. I'm a thief and maybe I did drop a chandelier on you, but that's just 'cause I wanted the whole pie for myself, so you gotta-
Edwardhead.jpg So you did kill all these people!

No! I swear to God......not your God, bigot!

Koudelkahead.jpg What do you mean?
Aliashead.jpg It was the couple; the couple who look after this place.
Jameshead.jpg What?!
Aliashead.jpg I'm telling you the truth. I've seen 'em! I've been down here a long time.
Usually they use an axe when they catch thieves. The thieves come down here unarmed. They're stupid. They get caught from behind. I'd watch my back if I were you.
Jameshead.jpg Unbelievable!
Aliashead.jpg No, I'm telling you. The lucky ones die on the first strike.
I've heard the others screaming through the night, clutching their bellies, and find them in the morning dead!
No, I'm telling you their fingers through their hearts, right through to their organs with the pain!
Look, take it or leave it, but I'm telling you the truth! Those two - They're Satan incarnate! I may look shady but killing's not my style.
But the more wholesome they look on the outside, the colder and uglier the heart is.
Just look at him!
[Alias points at James
Koudelka and Edward laugh.]
Edwardhead.jpg Yeah. Good assessment for a thief.
Jameshead.jpg You're crazy if you believe this scoundrel!
This killer's obviously executed hundreds of people. He needs to be turned in to the police, and judged in a proper forum.
Koudelkahead.jpg We're crazy? Why? Just because he's an immigrant, or is it because he is one of the "unsaved"? That's bull and you know it, you pig-headed old bigot!
Jameshead.jpg What I'm trying to say is-
Edwardhead.jpg I believe this guy! Thieves can be exceedingly honest you know? ...Still he did try to kill us. For that...
[Edward shoots Alias dead.]
Jameshead.jpg Wh-what did you you that for?!
Edwardhead.jpg If our lives cease being threatened, then it's a victory for God and all his glory, right? If we go on letting them attack us, then the "filthy godless pagans" win. Which you would like to bet on?

The Princess Alice[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka examines a painting of a ship.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Hey, what's this? The "Princess Alice"? But she was a pleasure boat that went down in a terrible accident in the Thames.
[Koudelka notices more paintings of ships.]
Koudelkahead.jpg This one too, and this one. What's going on? They're all the "Princess Alice".
[Koudelka sees a vision of drowned corpses.]
Koudelkahead.jpg W-What...is going on?

A Vision[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka gasps in pain and sees a vision
A bloodied stabbing knife, abstract alchemical, and religious images are shown.
A man's voice is heard, speaking over himself.]
Patrickhead.jpg December 5 1895. Rain. I found out that...

Cauldron...43 pigs...supplier in town. Rain...seems to be working very well...How I have been awaiting...The day to conduct Elaine's resurrection ceremony has finally...Now I only long to sleep in peace with my wife.

[A man faces towards a giant tree trunk.
There is a blinding flash revealing a blonde woman.]
Patrickhead.jpg Elaine. I-I j-just want to make you happy. Will you marry me?
Elainehead.jpg Yes...
[A vision of a sliding panel is seen. The woman's voice cries out.]
Elainehead.jpg Help me! Someone, please!
[The vision ends.]
Koudelkahead.jpg That woman was Elaine. She summoned me here.

James' Search[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg This one's Mylius, and Lambspring*, and Michael Maier, and Khunrath's "Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae"*! What a collection of books!
Edwardhead.jpg May I ask you something? What are all these!?
Jameshead.jpg Ancient books on mysticism and alchemy; ancient science. It's enticing really.
It's all about making gold from lead. It's just a ruse peddled by power hungry tricksters blinded by greed.

But in amongst the trash, there are some valuable works illustrating basic useful experiments for predicting the laws of nature.
Predicting a time when all men will be treated equally; God's will.
No room for this argument nowadays...

Koudelkahead.jpg James...Are you-
Jameshead.jpg Hermeticism! Kabbalah?! Meaningless! Why? Why is it not here?
Edwardhead.jpg What?!
Jameshead.jpg Where else can it be?
Edwardhead.jpg Are you looking for something?
Jameshead.jpg I don't understand. I don't understand!
Edwardhead.jpg You don't understand? I don't understand!
What are you grumbling about? You're acting real strange.
Just cut the charade and tell us what's going on.
Jameshead.jpg I do not like this. We all have our reasons.
Let's not delve into each others' personal affairs.
Edwardhead.jpg "I am not bound to please thee with my answers". *
Jameshead.jpg "Do all men kill the things they do not love?".
Edwardhead.jpg "Hate any man the things he would not kill?".
Jameshead.jpg And I thought all outlaws just read simple stupid poets; you read Shakespeare.
You're smarter than you look.
Edwardhead.jpg That makes two of us.

The Mummified Anchorite[edit | edit source]

[Edward sees a coffin in the corner of the room.]
Edwardhead.jpg What? What is that?
Koudelkahead.jpg *Unintelligible whisper*
[The lid is pushed back revealing a man.

Nothing happens.]

Edwardhead.jpg Is that just a mummy? Cross your fingers.
Koudelkahead.jpg That was disappointing.
[The man in the coffin bolts upright.]
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Holy Saviour!
The secret of the Formors, from the bottom of the sea!
[The man in the coffin collapses back, unresponsive.]

The Émigré Document[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg Did you say "Émigré Document"? What do you know about the Émigré Document!? Where is it? Answer me!
Edwardhead.jpg "Émigré Document?" Is that what you have been looking for?
Hey you crotchety old fart! I am sick of this! You don't wanna talk?
Fine! I'll slit your holy throat and leave your body for the rats!
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward.
Jameshead.jpg I have no choice.
Here it is; I am on instructions direct from the Vatican.
There is a manuscript that's said to be somewhere in the building.
Edwardhead.jpg And that manuscript is?
Jameshead.jpg Right, It's called the Émigré Document.
Koudelkahead.jpg Is it very important?
Jameshead.jpg For hundreds of years it was kept deep inside the Vatican Library.
No-one was allowed to read it.
In fact many people thought it didn't even exist.
Edwardhead.jpg That's weird. So why is it here now?
Jameshead.jpg Somebody stole it.
Koudelkahead.jpg Stolen? From the Vatican?
Jameshead.jpg Right.
Edwardhead.jpg No way. How many people could steal a thing like that from the Vatican?
Jameshead.jpg You really have to know the place or have enough money.
According to our secret investigation, however the wealthy gentleman who purchased this monastery, bribed someone within the Vatican to steal the Émigré Document for him.
Koudelkahead.jpg Wealthy gentleman?
Jameshead.jpg Yes. Patrick Heyworth......My friend.
Koudelkahead.jpg But it is not like it was priceless art or something. Why would he be interested in a thing like that?
Jameshead.jpg For years Patrick has dabbled in mysticism and alchemy.
He's on the brink of crossing the line, and playing God.
Edwardhead.jpg Playing God?
Jameshead.jpg Creating life, Edward!
It's thought that the ancient Druids' forbidden secrets on eternal life and resurrecting the dead, are contained in the Émigré Document.
Koudelkahead.jpg I can't believe that.
Jameshead.jpg Of course it's just silly superstition.
That's why I 'm here.
To try to convince Patrick to drop his dangerous experiments, and return the Émigré Document to the Vatican.
Edwardhead.jpg Wow. You'd never guess that a lunatic like that was living here, by looking at the place.
Jameshead.jpg According to the caretakers, he lives in the building next to the temple.
Koudelkahead.jpg They said that?
Jameshead.jpg Yes. They're terrified. With all the crazy things going on around here now, they haven't even seen Patrick, yet they feel indebted to him.
They've asked me here, to see if I can save him.
Edwardhead.jpg So that's your story?
Koudelkahead.jpg I dunno. One more mystery that needs unravelling.

All Hallows' Day[edit | edit source]

[Multiple bells chime out.]
Koudelkahead.jpg What the? What's that bell?
Jameshead.jpg Just the passing of another day. Oh no! Today's All Saint's Day!
[A conglomeration of malignant energy begins to form.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Their spiritual energy is coming together. What power! It's like...a monster.
[A humanoid, reptilian, winged monster is formed, and growls softly.]
Edwardhead.jpg What? What's happening? This can't be!
[The creature chases Edward and James.
They retreat back into a chapel, as the entrance is destroyed by the creature.
It begins to advance on Koudelka.]
Edwardhead.jpg No! Koudelka!

Disc 3[edit | edit source]

"My Husband is Waiting"[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka retches with the visions of bloody murder.
Ogden sneaks up behind her, and knocks her out.
His voice is heard over darkness and the sound of waves.]
Ogdenhead.jpg Yo heave ho, yo heave ho!
What a beautiful sunset. Bring her about, boys.
Quickly. Steady.
Them's shallow waters. Now swiftly lower the anchor.
Don't be unreasonable! We can't handle that many passengers!
The sky is getting dark...the drop! The draft! We're sinking!
Bessie...Bessie! The meat is burning. It's burning!
No, it's not working! No!

Hey! Hey! Where are you going? Where are you going!?
Hey you!
Your boat...No! We're sinking!
Wait! My boat!
My boat!

[Koudelka awakens tied to a table.
Ogden is sharpening an axe.]
Ogdenhead.jpg Are you awake? These ruffians. You harlot! Strumpet, have you no shame!?
Oh, if only Elaine had been saved, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Koudelkahead.jpg Elaine?
Ogdenhead.jpg Ah yes, she was merciful! She was benevolent! She believed me! And she was fond of my paintings.
Koudelkahead.jpg Your paintings? The sunken-
Ogdenhead.jpg It wasn't my fault! All of a sudden there was a coal ship out of nowhere.
It was dark. What could we do? It sank so fast. I was faultless...

Poor, poor, Elaine.
If only I'd stayed with her!
Hey you! You hey how's that!? Just a lamb!? I'll make you Just a lamb!

Koudelkahead.jpg You're crazy!
Ogdenhead.jpg Shut up!
[Ogden raises his axe to strike Koudelka
A gunshot rings out, and the axe misses.
Ogden slumps to the floor dead
Bessy stands behind him armed with a shotgun.]
Bessiehead.jpg Honey, Let's stop this now. It's time to stop.
It's okay. It's over.
I'm sorry.
My husband, A long time ago, he was the captain of a big pleasure boat.
It was a gorgeous boat. He was so proud of it.
But then, there was the accident.

So many people died.
Everyone blamed my husband.
It was so difficult for him. He started drinking heavily.
Silly isn't it? No matter much how much you drink, you can't forgot such a tragedy.
But he met Elaine.
She believed he was innocent. She helped him carry on.

Koudelkahead.jpg This Elaine. She's dead?
Bessiehead.jpg Yes. Why is it the good people seem to die so early? What a waste.
While Elaine's husband, Patrick was travelling, a robber broke into their house.
My husband has always said: "if only I had been there for her".
We should stop this conversation now.
My husband is waiting.
He can be so impatient, you know?
[Bessy raises the barrel of the shotgun to her own head and pulls the trigger.]

Blocked Passage[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka attempts to open a broken door, to no avail.

As she walks away in frustration, she hears Edward calling from the other side of the door.]

Edwardhead.jpg Koudelka?
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward?
Edwardhead.jpg Koudelka?
Koudelkahead.jpg I'm over here!
Edwardhead.jpg Where are you!?
Koudelkahead.jpg I'm over here!
Edwardhead.jpg Thank God! I was so worried, are you OK? Are you hurt? .
Koudelkahead.jpg No... I'm OK. How about you?
Edwardhead.jpg Almost got creamed by that monster. Luckily I went down the side hallway.
Wall's caved in; we can't get back to the sanctuary.
I figured you'd escape from the garden you'd be here.
Thank God I took the underpass.
Koudelkahead.jpg Ah! It's no use! This door won't open.
Edwardhead.jpg Damn it!
Jameshead.jpg Isn't there any way out? Aren't you underneath the arbour?
Koudelkahead.jpg There is. There is another door across from the cathedral.
Jameshead.jpg The Cathedral. That's right, there's got to be another way out, a secret passage or something?
Koudelkahead.jpg Secret pass-
Edwardhead.jpg OK. Let's split up. Koudelka, start from that door. We'll go along the wall. Find a place to regroup. Clear?
Koudelkahead.jpg Got it!
Edwardhead.jpg Koudelka...
Koudelkahead.jpg Yeah?
Edwardhead.jpg Don't get killed.
Koudelkahead.jpg Same to you.

The Immortal Philosopher, Roger Bacon[edit | edit source]

Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Oh repent thou! Judgement day is near!
The cacophonous sound of the seven bugles will consume the heavens, and all sinners will burn in the fiery wrath of the Lord!
Er, but not I.
No, I do not die, hmmhmmhmm.
Death knows no boundaries! It is an integral part of each and every life.

Death is ultimately an act of grace and love from the Lord!
Ah! A blessing, is it not?

[The man gestures at the grave of Saint Daniel.]
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg "Daniel Scotius Erigana"; blameless soul.
That man has not a heart to be found in his body!
Though I do thank him for building the monastery here.
Koudelkahead.jpg And you are?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Where are my manners?
My name is Roger Bacon.
I am a monk from the Franciscan order!
Koudelkahead.jpg A monk? And I thought you were a mummy.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Yes, you are quite right in your assessment of me.
Sun-dried kippers may be more pleasant to look at than my...shrivelled up appearance.
There was a time, when I was hailed as the foremost warlock.
But my profession seems to go in and out of fashion with the passage of time.
Can't do much about that, can I?
Koudelkahead.jpg You are a strange man. That's if you can be called a man?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I have given up being a man, many hundreds of years ago.
I am no longer a person, though I hesitate to answer questions concerning my existence, because I have yet to figure out exactly "what" I am.
Koudelkahead.jpg That's fine. It's not that I need to know anyway.
But tell me. Why were you sleeping in such a strange place?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I've never been able to awake in a good mood.
And I just planned to rest for a while.
What year is it anyway?
Are we still on the Gregorian calendar?
Koudelkahead.jpg Are you trying to fool me, or are you being serious?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Of course I am being serious!
The clock I own was too big for the coffin.
Koudelkahead.jpg It's 1898.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg ...Lord have mercy!
I've been asleep for...close to a hundred years!
Koudelkahead.jpg Well, I guess there are some things that can still surprise you.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Watch out!
When life begins to lack the element of surprise, that is when you are walking down the path to the Lord.

Anyway, as a token of my appreciation I'm going to keep the metal gate unlocked for you!
Go through the gate. (*Chuckles*)

Koudelkahead.jpg Why would you do this for me?

Well, It seems to me, that your friends are running amok inside the monastery grounds.
They're making so much noise.
Would you mind telling them to keep it quiet? Hm? (*Chuckles*)

Reunion[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg Koudelka!
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward.
Edwardhead.jpg Thank goodness you're OK.
Koudelkahead.jpg That's not completely the case. I have some bad news for you.
I saw the caretakers, both the husband and wife.
Edwardhead.jpg Really? Where were they?
Koudelkahead.jpg They're dead.
Apparently they were the ones responsible for killing all the thieves and desperadoes that were sneaking into the monastery.
And with good reason.
Jameshead.jpg I don't know...I don't believe it.
Koudelkahead.jpg You should know very well what has been going on!
Ogden was trying to avenge the death of Elaine.
Jameshead.jpg Death.
Of Elaine?
...I don't believe it. This is preposterous!
Edwardhead.jpg Who is Elaine?
Koudelkahead.jpg I have no idea!
All I know is that Elaine's spirit called me to this place.
Tell me, who is Elaine? And Patrick?
The caretakers told me that robbers broke into Elaine's home while Patrick was away and murdered her.
Elaine was a benefactor for the caretakers.
They took it upon themselves to murder every single robber and desperado that entered the grounds.
It...it was a form of revenge for them.
Jameshead.jpg ......I'm originally from Ireland, you see.
Although small, my family had a successful business and soon able to send me to school, which I loved from a very early age.

I was soon accepted to a prestigious university in England.
And with my parents' assistance I made my way across the ocean.
I met Patrick at university. We were both studying chemistry and embarking upon similar paths.
About that same time...we began competing for the love of a beautiful woman, Elaine.
And we had a falling out.
I loved Elaine with all my heart.
"Omnia vincit amor"*.
But love does not conquer all.
I soon discovered that I lacked the social status and inheritance money necessary to properly care for someone so well bred, and sheltered as Elaine.
I gave up my suit* and made way for Patrick.
To ease my pain I joined the church, and left the secular world behind.
And being the perfectionist I am, the Vatican made me a bishop, in charge of some very important matters.
But it's been so hard to distance myself from one's emotional attachments.
Although I had not seen them for twenty years, I wished them all the bestin their life together.
And if it hadn't been for this, I wouldn't have thought twice about seeing Patrick again.
That's right, Patrick!
H-How can this be?
He promised me he was going to take care of Elaine and make her happy.
What could have happened?

Koudelkahead.jpg Being a witness to the gory aftermath, I have a hard time believing that the caretakers were acting on revenge alone.
Believe me, it was an unimaginably heinous sight.
And what about these monsters that keep appearing?
No, there's a bigger secret we have yet to uncover.
This is the key to Patrick's mansion. Shall we go?

Charlotte - Anima Sola[edit | edit source]

A Mother's Love (Good Charlotte Resolution)[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka approaches Charlotte with a bundle of letters.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Charlotte, do you know what these are?

They're letters from your mother.

[The letters levitate and are absorbed into Charlotte.]
Charlottehead.jpg My mother? Letters? There are so many!
Koudelkahead.jpg Did you know that your mother was the queen of Hanover?
It seems that after you were born in secret, your mother was locked up inside Ahlden Castle.
Even while she was imprisoned there, she sent many letters to you here in the monastery.
She never laid eyes on you, but she often imagined what you look like.
She dreamt of the day when she would be able to see you.
Her letters never got to you, and she was never told of your death.
So she continued to write you letters, even after you died.
Your mother loved you, Charlotte.
Charlottehead.jpg What? No! I can't take this now.
She loved me? No! No! It's too scary.
Hey, I feel warm.
What's happening?
No! Help me! You want me to forgive her!?
She loved me?
I hate you! I hate you!
Don't pray for me! You - You!
[Charlotte ascends, and vanishes in a flash.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Charlotte...how does it feel to know you are loved?

A Phantom's Rage (Bad Charlotte Resolution)[edit | edit source]

Koudelkahead.jpg Charlotte, stop it! If you keep this up, you're the only one that's going to get hurt.
Charlottehead.jpg I'm not fooling around. I don't want your pity! I've had enough!
Koudelkahead.jpg Charlotte, listen to me. I understand you. We're very similar you know?
Charlottehead.jpg You could never understand me! How could you?
I've never been out of this place.
I was born, and I was executed.
On the day I was killed, a priest came to me, and said: "Dear Lord, please accept into your glorious kingdom, this poor sinful lamb."
Tell me? What did I do that was so bad? Is it my fault that I was born?
If I was born just to be killed why did she have me?
Koudelkahead.jpg Oh I just...my mother abandoned me too.
I've been alone ever since I was a little girl, just like you, that's why-
Charlottehead.jpg "That's why", what!?
That's why you you "understand" me? That's why you're "like"me?
Don't make me laugh!
You're not like me! You're alive!
What do you mean, "you're alone"? What do you mean, you "understand"!?
Give me a break!
Koudelkahead.jpg Oh Charlotte, I'm so sorry. I want you to understand. I really-
Charlottehead.jpg A curse upon you.
Koudelkahead.jpg What?
Charlottehead.jpg A curse upon you!
Koudelkahead.jpg Charlotte!
Charlottehead.jpg On you. On your friends. A curse upon you all!
I will kill everything!
Why don't you all just die?
When everything is dead and gone, then you will be the same. Only then will you understand my pain!
I know what it is to regret being born!
I will kill you. Kill you! Kill you!

Secret of the Formors[edit | edit source]

Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Hmm, I know it's around here somewhere...Well., what took you so long?
Koudelkahead.jpg Roger!
Edwardhead.jpg Is he the mummy who was in the coffin!? Since when have you two been acquainted?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I am no mummy! My name is Roger Bacon, and I'm just like any normal old man.
Edwardhead.jpg Hey, I've been around for twenty years and I have yet to run across an old man as abnormal as yourself.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I see! Well, I've been around for six hundred years, and I've seen plenty of ABNORMAL people just like myself!
Jameshead.jpg My dear old man, might you be related to the great warlock, Roger Bacon, who made such a name for himself in the thirteenth century?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg You are very knowledgeable!
I am that warlock, Roger Bacon, you speak of.
Jameshead.jpg You mean to tell me that you were born in twelve-ten, and have remained alive and well until the present date of eighteen-ninety-eight?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Actually to be precise I was born in twelve-fourteen.
Jameshead.jpg Koudelka, what type of a joke is this?
Koudelkahead.jpg That's my question.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Well this is no joke!
I am the reputable Roger Bacon!
Jameshead.jpg Very well then. If you were truly that Roger Bacon, then you will be able to tell me with whom and where you studied.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Oh, that's easy!
I entered Oxford in twelve-forty-seven and studied under the tutelage of Robert Grosseteste; although a good professor I would not consider him to be a wise man.
I penned my masterpiece Opus Maius as well as numerous other books on atural science.
Being a visionary pioneer! Hm, I must say that my work has influenced generations of work that followed.
But alas, in hindsight, that work pales in comparison to the work I did, copying the Émigré Document for the Pope!
Jameshead.jpg The Émigré Document. I figured you would know about that book.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Of course! It took me five years to copy the book in its entirety.
I know everything there is to know about the book!
Koudelkahead.jpg What is it about? Is it-
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Oh, it unravels the secrets of life that extend far beyond the largest field.
It speaks of the secret rituals conducted by the ancient race of Formors on... immortality.
The Formors would claim the lives of the resurrected as their own.
They reversed the laws of nature, and the cycle of life!
When the Druids took over the Celts, Alexander the Great penned the Émigré documents in Greek, for placement in the Great Library.
Koudelkahead.jpg Resurrecting the dead? It is true.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Oh, the Émigré Document has long been considered the most dangerous work of literature.
It was safely guarded in the caverns of the Supreme Pontiff's quarters
But apparently, the book was not able to withstand the wears of time over generations.
And the Pope decreed that a new edition be created by copying the full text.
That is where "I" came in! The Pope requested that I copy the book word-for-word.
And when the work was finished, apparently I was supposed to be killed.
But I am not one to be dealt with so carelessly!
I secretly escaped, and eventually I made my way to the sacred land referred to in the text of the Émigré Document.
Edwardhead.jpg And the secret rituals? Don't tell me!
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg You need look no further than myself!
Koudelkahead.jpg And you succeeded.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Hm...though I cannot perform the same on others, yes!
I have been able to escape the hands of death!
But I have not been able to escape the roots of existence which are the seeds of change.
My body is not immune to change.
As you can see by my hideous appearance.
Hmm, I have had nothing to do other than roam the earth for the last three hundred years!
I've seen all I can take of mankind's cruelty.
So, I returned here. For some rest.
Well, enough of this gossip. I've got some research to do.
May I ask to be left alone? Hm?

Elaine[edit | edit source]

Edwardhead.jpg So this is Elaine?
Koudelkahead.jpg Yes. She's the one I had the psychic vision of. Do you doubt it?
Jameshead.jpg No, indeed!
Koudelkahead.jpg Good. Let's begin.
[Koudelka summons the sprit of Elaine.]
Elainehead.jpg It has been a long time indeed, Mr O'Flaherty.
Jameshead.jpg Oh, Elaine. Is that really you?
Elainehead.jpg Yes. It is. It is such a pity that we meet again, and I can only present myself to you in this form.
This is the woman that responded to my voice, is it not?
Thank you for doing this, for someone like myself.
Jameshead.jpg Elaine, I haven't yet come to terms. Please tell me how this happened to you?
Elainehead.jpg Of course I will explain, James.
Eighteen years ago I was murdered by some thieves that broke into my home.
I was helpless.
Both Patrick and Ogden were out on business. There was nothing that anyone could do.
Jameshead.jpg I will not accept this!
This should not have happened!
Elainehead.jpg Yes.
Patrick responded the same exact way.
He could not accept my death.
He spent years, and years perfecting his craft in wizardry, and tried everything in his power to bring me back to life.
Edwardhead.jpg Resurrecting the dead? Is this for real?
Hey, we're not talking about "Frankenstein" here.
Koudelkahead.jpg "Frankenstein"?
Edwardhead.jpg That novel written about a hundred years ago.
Elainehead.jpg He was taking it very seriously, and he had found the key to actually make it happen.
Jameshead.jpg The Émigré Document!
Elainehead.jpg Yes. With Ogden's assistance and the powers from ancient Druids, he held a resurrection ceremony in this monastery.
Koudelkahead.jpg But something went wrong, didn't it?
Elainehead.jpg He only resurrected my "physical" body.
As you can see, my soul is still doomed to roaming the universe, forever separated from my body.
And the terrifying thing, is that my body was resurrected as a heartless monster.
Koudelkahead.jpg "Monster".
Elainehead.jpg Although the monster may look like me...it is not me.
Mr O'Flaherty, please, turn my body into ashes with your power.
Jameshead.jpg Ashes? But if I do that I won't be able to bring you back to life!
Elainehead.jpg Mr O'Flaherty, I was robbed of my life by those thieves and I could hate them as mortal enemies.
Choose to think that my death was pre-ordained by the Lord!
Please, do not mourn my death.
It was wrong for Patrick to try to resurrect me; to undo the work of God.
Please, do not be sad. Death is at the heart of God's reasoning.
I urge you to destroy my body. Its existence defies the wise providence of Heaven.
It mustn't exist in this world!
[Elaine's spirit vanishes.]
Jameshead.jpg Wait! E-Elaine. God! Curse!
What a cruel world! I gave everything for your happiness and now what am I left with?
I have no meaning in my life!
What have I been doing with my life?

"Fire, or Water?"[edit | edit source]

Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I know it's here, I-I saw it here! I put it here!
What? Have you come round to see me again?
Jameshead.jpg I want you to look at this.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Research journals?
Koudelkahead.jpg I want you to tell us whether what's written there can actually happen or not.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Well, let me see! Hmm, yes, yes, I see.
Well that's right.
Resurrecting the dead!
Hmm. A cauldron! The Branwen tales indeed!
Yes! It is most likely that the events detailed here did take place.
Edwardhead.jpg Just as I thought. But that's so frightening that it-
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Personally I have not attempted it.
I am certain that the Émigré Document contained accounts of secret rituals conducted to resurrect the dead.
But as you can tell from reading this, it involves complicated prepatory work.
I had given up discerning the impossibility of using the psychic powers necessary to create such an immense psychic platform.
Moreover, I would never expected that people would attempt to challenge such a feat.
Koudelkahead.jpg The journals say that the physical body was resurrected but not the soul.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Absolutely! The Ancients held the secret to life in the palm of their hands.
But they could never come close to touching the secrets of the soul.
They resurrected the dead in order to use their physical bodies as a workforce. Thus building the great civilisation we oft-times speak of.
In fact, we would not be far off if we called them, "puppeteers".
Exploiting the human body as an object!
Edwardhead.jpg If so then we need to-
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Yes, resurrecting the dead and restoring them to life as it was before death... is impossible.
Jameshead.jpg Then how do you return the resurrected body once again to earth?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg That......is a very complicated question, since it already defies universal logic.
Jameshead.jpg Please!
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg It is no easy task!
Jameshead.jpg Tell me how. It is what Elaine, God-rest-her-soul, wanted.
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Right. Hmm. It is not..."absolutely impossible".
But, I would need to call forth the sacred powers in order to complete such a feat.
Yes! I know that the arm of Daniel Scotius, the man who built this monastery, is stored in a stone statue on the ground.
If, if we, throw that into a cauldron we will successfully destroy the roots of the tree of life.
After that I haven't a clue whether to call forth the energies of fire, or entrust the task to water.
It is so complicated!
Jameshead.jpg Fire? or water?
Koudelkahead.jpg What are we going to do?
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Oh, Heavenly Father, bless our souls and bring forth an end to this suffering!

Nitroglycerine[edit | edit source]

Koudelkahead.jpg This must be the Temple.
Edwardhead.jpg There's no way! I could put a bullet through and it wouldn't budge! What're we gonna do?
Koudelkahead.jpg How ironic to have made it this far and not have access to the temple.
Jameshead.jpg Koudelka, Edward. You both must go now. It is my friend that is apparently responsible for this disturbance, and therefore I am partially responsible for this trouble.
I have no intention for asking for your sympathy, and I'm no position to plead for your help
So from this point forward I can manage on my own.
Koudelkahead.jpg Don't kid yourself.
We didn't come along just for your sake!
Edwardhead.jpg No, Koudelka you should go back now.
It'll be far too dangerous.
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward, you're the one who should go home. You were not meant for this world.
Granted you are a good fighter having had plenty of experience, and I won't deny the fact that you have the killer instinct either, but when all is said and done, you are an average Joe.
I am not.
I was meant to exist in this realm.
It's the only place I can carve out an existence for myself.
Edwardhead.jpg Quit lecturing me! I want no part of a lukewarm existence filled with regret!
No, my way is to not worry about consequences and to do whatever it is that I want to do.
Chance means nothing to me.
Life's a gamble, and once you place your bet you better play to win or, else you end up dead!
Koudelkahead.jpg Edward. You really are ridiculous.
Edwardhead.jpg That's what they tell me.
Jameshead.jpg Do as you like!
Edwardhead.jpg That I will!
Koudelkahead.jpg Oh, suddenly when you feel like it, you decide when you can and cannot open doors?
Jameshead.jpg Wait! There's a way.
Remember when we were searching Patrick's mansion?
There was various chemicals around. It may take some time, but I think I can combine the chemicals to make nitroglycerine.
Koudelkahead.jpg Nitroglycerin!?
Edwardhead.jpg That's great!
You're talking powerful explosives here.
Jameshead.jpg For this door I think we'll need a full flask.
Indeed if I drop the flask before I return, I'll be knocking on Heaven's door in a flash!
[A distant bell chimes.]
Edwardhead.jpg "I go and it is done. The bell invites me". *
Jameshead.jpg "Hear it not Duncan, for it is the knell that summons thee to Heaven or to Hell.".

Koudelka's Past[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg I'm going to begin my work.
Could you two wait for me here?
[James works on the nitroglycerin.
Koudelka and Edward pass the time drinking.]
Koudelkahead.jpg -And then, what happened to the girl, Melanie?
Edwardhead.jpg She was gone the next morning.
She left with practically everything in the room!
Koudelkahead.jpg (*Laughs*) You don't have much luck with women,do you?
Edwardhead.jpg Well, you know what they say: the cleanest break up is when a woman runs out on you.
Koudelkahead.jpg What a loser statement!
But you're lucky, I mean to have so many people to kid around with.
For me, I'm all alone. I've been all alone all my life.
Edwardhead.jpg What about your childhood?
Koudelkahead.jpg Yes I did have a childhood.
I was born in a small town in Wales right off the banks of the Taliesin river. There was a small gypsy town.
Edwardhead.jpg Gypsy?
Koudelkahead.jpg That's right, "gypsy".
Though we didn't call ourselves gypsy. We called ourselves "Rom".
See, a true gypsy is born under the blue sky.
And is destined to die under the same blue sky.
It's gypsy law.
Edwardhead.jpg So then I guess, you plan on dying underneath the blue skies?
Koudelkahead.jpg Hmm. Every gypsy is given a name at birth. My given name was "Zlato".
Edwardhead.jpg "Zlato?"
Koudelkahead.jpg Mmmhmm.
Edwardhead.jpg It's got a strange resonance to that name. What does it mean?
Koudelkahead.jpg I can't tell you! (*Laughs*)
Edwardhead.jpg That too must be part of the law?
Koudelkahead.jpg The law it is.
Edwardhead.jpg You know ever since I met you...enigmatic mysterious glint in your eyes.
It must be the gypsy in you.
"The glance from thy soul searching eye can raise with hope, depress with fear". *
Koudelkahead.jpg Byron, again?
Edwardhead.jpg Yeah.
Koudelkahead.jpg You must really like him, don't you?
Edwardhead.jpg Yes. Somehow I feel as though we're birds of a feather.
Koudelkahead.jpg Then he must be self-obsessed as well! (*Laughs*)
Edwardhead.jpg I'd rather be classified as a romantic.
My father was a strict man. He couldn't forgive his son for failing academically.
He blamed my failure on the time I wasted inventing adventures, dreaming of utopian landscape.
I was brought up to believe that dreams - the power of the imagination, as well as all the things I loved as a child, - were useless.
A complete waste of time. It was as if he was telling me I was useless.
Then again...Maybe just that.
I think I probably was born too late. By the time I was fifteen, everything there was to be done, had already been done.
The Western territories were colonised, the jungles had been explored.
There was no wilderness for me to wander in to! No jungle for me to cut my way through.
I guess that's how I ended up roaming the country.
Oh granted, I picked a few fights along the way. Played with fire. Gambled on my life a few times.
But none of that comes close to the truth I'm searching for. I yearn for something far greater.
I can't quite explain myself. But it's as though I am on a quest for some intangible treasure of sorts.
Koudelka, I envy you.
Psychic powers that few are blessed with. And being born a gypsy, you can choose to live how you wish.
Koudelkahead.jpg ......And who gave you the right to act as if you figured me out?
Do you have any idea how I was raised? Ha! You make me laugh!
"Adventures?" Bah! Please!
You haven't the slightest clue. Do you have any idea how much pain my psychic powers have brought me?
My father died when I was only a child.
I predicted the exact time, place, and ending of my father's life. Imagine that? Predicting your own father's death?
Hm! No, I was cursed as a child. Being given powers not meant for a child.
And my mother? Huh. She, she was so frightened and so full with hatred for me...
...she tried to kill me with her very hands.
The gypsy elders got together and decided to excommunicate me.
I was only nine then.
Do you have any idea how a nine year old child survives, without the help of a living soul!?
Treasures! You must be joking! Have you ever cried, and begged for your next meal!?
Did you ever sell your body seeking shelter from the frigid night air!?
I used to be just like Charlotte.
When she cried and said: "No-one has ever loved me".
Argh! Those words cut straight through me!
It was me she was talking about!
Just like her, I wished that everybody would die, and harboured a hatred for all mankind.
But you see, Charlotte has made her peace.

Gone to heaven.
Me? I'm still alive, and still all alone.
No-one has ever lent a helping hand! No-one!

Edwardhead.jpg Koudelka, you?
Koudelkahead.jpg I am not as free as you make me out to be.
I am a poor... dirty... ignorant woman who threw her gypsy pride to the dogs, in order to live!
But you see, even someone like me can do good...cause with my powers...I can help ease the pain of others.
That's when I feel good about living.
I don't need to be loved!
I just want my life to have some meaning...and just want someone to tell me they need me.
You...no way you...would ever...understand.
[Koudelka sobs gently. Edward sits silently, looking at her.]
Jameshead.jpg It's done. It's completed.

Disc 4[edit | edit source]

Inside the Church[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka, Edward and James walk through the vast expanse of the vine-covered church.]
Edwardhead.jpg It's amazing!

Patrick[edit | edit source]

[James sees the dessicated corpse of Patrick.]
Jameshead.jpg Patrick! Poor Patrick!
[Koudelka, Edward and James sit silently in the crypt.
Frustrated, James stands up and starts to pour petroleum canisters everywhere.]
Edwardhead.jpg Hey what are you doing? What's that!? No! Don't!
Jameshead.jpg I am not asking for your help. This is my problem. None of you need to die with me here.

Ashes to Ashes[edit | edit source]

Jameshead.jpg Are you sure? Let's proceed.
Saint Daniel Scotius, protect us from these evil spirits and grant us inner strength. Amen.
[James throws the arm into the cauldron.
The vines begin to thrash wildly, smashing an exit through a window.]
Koudelkahead.jpg Go!
Jameshead.jpg Thou who were created and born out of dust;
Now, go quietly and return to thy maker!
[James throws a lantern ino the building.
It smashes, igniting the vines.]

Endings[edit | edit source]

Memories (Good Ending)[edit | edit source]

Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg I have seen the most interesting happenings.
It would be a waste to go back to sleep just yet.
Edwardhead.jpg Hey, Koudelka, I wonder what she was about to say?
Koudelkahead.jpg Dead people don't speak.
It is just in your memories.
Edwardhead.jpg Huh, is that how you explain what we just saw?
Koudelkahead.jpg I guess.
Jameshead.jpg Memories.
Somebody told me once that after a loved one's death all we have is memories,
with these we retain an eternal bond with the dead.

Zlato (Bad Ending)[edit | edit source]

[Koudelka, Edward and James lie wounded before Elaine's monster form.]
Jameshead.jpg Dear God, is this my fault? Do you blame me?
Are you punishing me now because the path of my faith was tainted?
I accept my fate!
If it is your wish, then I accept my fate.
He who has an ear let him hear*.
If anyone is to go into captivity into captivity he will go.
If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed!*
I am what what I am!*
I am content with my lot!
I have...always loved you Elaine!
[A light decends, raising James and Elaine upwards in a flash.
They vanish.]
Elainehead.jpg Let's go, James. Let's go home. I have fond memories of those days.
Koudelkahead.jpg No! Flames are coming this way!
Edwardhead.jpg Don't be silly. There must be something we can do!
We'll be fine.
Trust me.
[Edward grabs Koudelka, and the jump from the building.
The next day they have set up a camp.
Koudelka is getting dressed.]
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg In these crazy times young people push themselves too much.
Koudelkahead.jpg Ah, the sun came out.
I prefer it a little hazier though.
Goodbye. We'll probably never even see each other again.
Edwardhead.jpg Hey, your nickname "Zlato". What does it mean?
I haven't even asked you yet.
Will you tell me?
Koudelkahead.jpg It...it means..."treasure".
Edwardhead.jpg Oh, that's rich!
I'll remember that.
[Edward rides away on a horse.
Roger and Koudelka watch him.]
Rogerkoudelklahead.jpg Is it OK child? For you not to follow him?
Koudelkahead.jpg Yeah, it's OK.
I have a feeling that someday, somewhere we'll meet again.
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