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Koudelka casting Flare

Magic in Koudelka works differently than in the main series.

Unlike the Shadow Hearts games, magic can only be improved by repeated use, with each spell gaining experience points, to progress to the next level. Certain spells are gated behind bosses, requiring them to be defeated before the player can use them.

All characters are able to cast spells, however, Koudelka and James are more geared towards magic, stat-wise.

Defensive Magic
[edit | edit source]

The player begins with Heal, and it becomes a mainstay for the rest of the game. The two other defensive spells can only be accessed after defeating certain bosses.

Levelling the Heal and Revive spells increases both the amount healed and the range of the spell. Reflect does not increase in range, but the effect duration lasts longer.

And while not its primary use, as Heal is a Light elemental spell, it can also damage Dark aligned enemies if they are targetted.

Koudelkarestorativemagicicon.png Defensive Magic
Name MP Cost
Lv 1/2/3
Description Image
Heal 6/12/24 MP Restores some HP to target Kmagicheal.jpg
Revive 18/36/72 MP Revives unconscious target, and restores some HP. Krevive.jpg
Reflect 18/36/72 MP Reflect magic back at caster. Kmagicreflect.jpg

Offensive Magic
[edit | edit source]

The primary method of doing magical damage in the game. Each spell can only be unlocked by beating the following bosses;

The basic spell will only target a single enemy. Subsequent levelling increases damage, and expands the range of the spell, allowing for potential splash damage to nearby enemies.

Koudelkaoffensivemagicicon.png Offensive Magic
Name MP Cost
Lv 1/2/3
Description Image
Flare 8/16/32 MP Fire Elemental Attack Kmagicflare.jpg
Geyser 8/16/32 MP Water Elemental Attack Kmagicgeyser.jpg
Tornado 8/16/32 MP Wind Elemental Attack Kmagictornado.jpg
Megalith 8/16/32 MP Earth Elemental Attack Kmagicmegalith.jpg

De/Fortifying Magic
[edit | edit source]

The Fortify spells pull double duty during gameplay acting as both a buff for allies, and a debuff for enemies; targeting an ally will boost an Action Point (AP) stat, but targeting an enemy with the same spell will automatically debuff that stat.

The amount of AP boost/decrease is fixed per the level of the spell:

  • Level 1 = x3 AP
  • Level 2 = x6 AP
  • Level 3 = x9 AP
Koudelkastatmagicicon.png De/Fortifying Magic
Name MP Cost
Lv 1/2/3
Description Image
Fortify STR 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Strength Kmagicfortstr.jpg
Fortify VIT 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Vitality Kmagicforvit.jpg
Fortify DEX 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Dexterity Kmagicfortdex.jpg
Fortify AGL 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Agility Kmagicfortagl.jpg
Fortify PIE 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Piety Kmagicfortpie.jpg
Fortify INT 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Intelligence Kmagicfortint.jpg
Fortify MND 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Mind Kmagicfortmnd.jpg
Fortify LUC 8/16/32 MP Boost Ally/Decrease Enemy Luck Kmagicfortluc.jpg

Defortify Galley[edit | edit source]

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