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Music History[edit | edit source]

Released Dec 1999.

As well as being the creator of Koudelka, Hiroki Kikuta was also responsible for the composing the soundtrack to the game. The vocal tracks that are played are entitled Requiem (played during the opening cinematic) and Ubi Caritas Et Amor (played during the credits).

Many of the tracks featured on the OST consist of 30-60 second dramatic pieces, used ingame only for dramatic moments and cutscenes.

The soundtrack also features only four battle tunes, namely; Waterfall (which is used for regular encounters) Incantation Again (for boss enemies), Patience (for the battles with Elaine) and the final boss theme Kiss Twice.

As a bonus, the soundtrack also features live performances of Waterfall, Incantation Again and Patience.

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "Requiem"
  2. "Ubi Caritas Et Amor"
  3. "Dead"
  4. "Waterfall"
  5. "Incantation Again"
  6. "Patience"
  7. "Kiss Twice"
  8. "scene13"
  9. "scene8"
  10. "scene7a"
  11. "scene7b"
  12. "scene7c"
  13. "scene10"
  14. "scene6a"
  15. "scene6b"
  16. "scene11"
  17. "scene4"
  18. "scene2Ba"
  19. "scene2Bb"
  20. "scene2Bc"
  21. "scene2Bd"
  22. "scene14"
  23. "scene12a"
  24. "scene12b"
  25. "scene12c"
  26. "scene15a"
  27. "scene15b"
  28. "scene18"
  29. "scene17"
  30. "scene19"
  31. "scene20"
  32. "Live Waterfall"
  33. "Live Incantation"
  34. "Live Patience"

Tracks 07 - 31 are used only in cutscenes and are known only by their "scene (number)" code. Tracks 32 - 34 recorded live at Zepp Tokyo, August 27, 1999.

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