Weapons in Koudelka have elemental attributes, which deal more damage (or heal) enemies with certain elements.


There are nine types of these attributes to be found in the game:

"Normal" - Non-elemental damage. No bonus damage.

"Fire" - Fire infused weapons. Bonus damage to water monsters.
"Water" - Water infused weapons. Bonus damage to fire monsters.
"Light" - Light infused weapons. Bonus damage to "undead" (dark) monsters, though all other monsters are healed.
"Dark" - Dark infused weapons. Bonus damage to light monsters.
"Air" - Wind infused weapons. Bonus damage to earth monsters.
"Earth" - Earth infused weapons. Bonus damage to Wind monsters.

"Mystic" - Weapons that drain the MP of enemies.
"Vital" - Weapons that drain the HP of enemies.

The element type is prefixed at the beginning of the weapon's name, for e.g: Water Dirk, is a dirk that will deal bonus damage to fire monsters.

In addition, random-drop weapons may possess one of several additional properties;

"Poison Hit" - An attack may inflict poison, dealing additional continual damage to an enemy.
"Paralysis Hit" - An attack may render an enemy unable to act.
"Speciality Hit" - Attacks are guaranteed not to miss 95% of the time.

Weapon TypesEdit

Short Range WeaponsEdit


Fighting at close-range

To use weapons of this type, the character must stand next to their opponent to attack them.

Kfistlogo Knuckles
Kkniveslogo Knives
Kswords1 Swords
Kclubicon Clubs
Kaxelogo Axes

Medium Range WeaponsEdit


Fighting at mid-range

These weapons require that the character stands at least one square away from enemies to attack them.

Kspearlogo Spears

Long Range WeaponsEdit


Fighting at long-range

The player may attack from any distance. However, if an ally is in the direct firing path, the enemy will be unable to be targeted.

Ksmallguns Guns
Kcrossbowlogo Crossbows

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