Noneelement Lady
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana レディ
Romaji Redi
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Mie Sonozaki
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Uncredited
Age 21
Eye color Red
Hair color Blueish white
Home Unknown
Weapon(s) Malice
Special Arts Malice Powers
Element Non-Elemental Noneelement
~ Lady's only words

A mysterious woman of untold strength, she rescues a mortally-wounded suspect (Killer) from the police and restores him to life with a kiss of Malice. She does not respond with speech (only saying the word "Killer" twice), nor does she show any emotion. Killer therefore dubs her "Lady".

Library EntryEdit

Mystery woman who came out of nowhere to haunt nighttime New York. No one knows who she is or what she wants. No cop who saw her ever lived to tell the tale.

A pure mass of malice born of the ceremony of Emigre. Her body is that of Johnny's sister, Grace. Her only wish is to open the gates to a world of malice.


Although mute, she plainly holds regular existence in disdain as she interferes in the lives of the party and earns their wrath, especially from Shania and Ricardo. Her ultimate goal is to gain enough Malice and open a sinister portal known as The Gate, which will rain terror and hatred down upon the world. According to Professor Gilbert, she may be driven by instinct and only wishes to open the Gate out of a desire to return "home". Whilst the main villain and depicted as pure evil, she shows a different side to Killer. Her true identity is that of Johnny's sister, who during the resurrection process gave up her Will (the blue light) to Johnny, leaving her none, turning her into Lady. It is also noted that as Killer resembles Yuri, Lady also resembles Alice, Yuri's lover.

Mystical PowersEdit

Lady is able to use the red light Malice for various things, she is able to use Malice to kill or resurrect people, but it seems Malice can only ressurect a person once. Its powers can also heal people from mortal wounds, but once they are healed or resurrected they will be filled with Malice and once the Malice reaches its high point within a person they will mutate into monsters. Her powers are also the key to summon The Gate which will be summoned once the three seals of Malice in America are opened. Her powers are also used to channel many of her attacks. Also when Lady stays in one place to long Malice will collect around her which was the key reason The Gate slowly began to open again.

Fighting StyleEdit

Main article: Lady (Boss)

Love RelationshipEdit

It's unknown when Lady actually fell in love with Killer, but the highpoint was probably before Killer faced our heroes for a third time, telling Lady he would protect her no matter what and prevent anyone from harming her. Even with no emotion, she must have honored the words he spoke. After his death at the hands of Johnny and the gang, it must have been a shock to her that he actually gave up his life for her, remembering the time when Killer gave her the name Lady, she then began to realize she was in love, her saying her first word "" Feeling distraught over what happened to her lover, she took him with her inside The Gate in the hopes of resurrecting him. Just before the final battle, she becomes enraged at our heroes for killing her lover and summons the Malice Unbral to destroy them. After the battle, she begins to fade and desperately crawls toward the dead body of her lover. They then disappear after Killer opens his eyes and smiles at her.


Lady's leitmotif, simply known as "Lady's Theme", appears periodically throughout Shadow Hearts: From the New World, being incorporated into the opening theme ("From the New World"), "Kiss of Malice", "Will", "Much More Together" and the final boss music, "Lady's Tears II."

Interestingly, her theme was only released in full, on the Shadow Hearts Special Sounds CD as a piano arrangement, and was not featured in the game.



Lady and Killer in a another encounter

Lady and Killer in a another encounter

Lady and Killer Meet.

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