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Le Harve is an area in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

It is a French port, where the party first meet Joachim Valentine.

The concept of the lottery is introduced here, with Lottery Member #16, Fox, forcing you to play.

In a corner by the tree is the third Ring Soul meeting.

A vigilante group is looking for someone who happens to be Joachim, and the party find and fight his mysterious Grand Papillon form. He then turns into a bat and flies off. After seeing Joachim means no harm, they battle the vigilante group and Joachim joins the party.

They then head off to the Wine Cellar.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Thug First visit only.
Fat Thug First visit only.
Name Notes
Grand Papillon First visit only.
Peach Bat Accessable after entering The Vessel for the first time.



La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo Thera Leaf 50 Karinswords Fleuret 930
Sh2itemlogo Mana Leaf 100 Sh2armourlogoMaleonly Cotton Shirt 560
Sh2itemlogo Pure Leaf 230 Sh2armourlogoFemaleonly Cotton Blouse 600
Sh2itemlogo Soul Benediction 150 Sh2armourlogo Cloak of Rags 540
Sh2itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2armourlogo Leather Cloak 840
Sh2itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2armourlogo Wool Coat 900
Sh2itemlogo Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo Leather Cap 320
Yuriglovesh2 Rusty Fang 640 Sh2accessorieslogo Leather Belt 320
Yuriglovesh2 Stinger 960 Sh2accessorieslogo Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Gepettostrings Puppet Thread 680 Sh2accessorieslogo Silver Bracelet 3180
Gepettostrings Silk Twine 1020 Sh2accessorieslogo Pocket Watch 5200
Blancabones Tusk Brush 580 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Lariat 5050
Blancabones Glass Paper 870 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Pendant 5500
Karinswords Officer's Saber 620

Treasure ChestsEdit


NPC InteractionEdit

Lottery MembersEdit

No.16: FoxEdit

Ring: Normal

No.01: The Silver BatEdit


Accessable only if the lottery has been played with members 16-2, otherwise the Silver Bat will not appear.

Ring: Fickle


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