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Lenny Curtis Lenny Curtis
Lenny Curtis
Game Shadow Hearts: CovenantShadow Hearts: From the New World
Kana レニ・カーティス
Romaji Reni Kattisu
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Daiki Nakamura
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Richard Cansino* (SH2),

Scott Rayow* (FtNW)

Age 26 (SH2)

40 (FtNW)

Eye color Brown
Hair color Bald
Home Unknown
Weapon(s) Khanjar Dagger
Special Arts Iron Claw, Pact with Godhand
Element Earth Element earth.gif
What kind of way is that to do things? All he needs is one good punch!

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

Huge Warrior and leader of the secret society's assassin group, the Steel Claws. He's highly praised by his superiors for his hard work and devotion to the cause.

Looks after the house, office and everything in between. You wouldn't think it to look at him, but he's quite a charmer, and a bit of a hit with the neighbourhood housewives.

Covenant[edit | edit source]

A high-ranking member of Sapientes Gladio under Nicolai, Lenny is strong and stubborn, but also somewhat slow and, as later revealed, soft-hearted. He causes many problems for the party early in the game, but seems to repent after the problems in Russia are settled.

In the director's cut of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Lenny along with Veronica Vera, becomes a temporary playable character.

Later in the game, there's a sidequest involving him which results in obtaining Yuri's best armor.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lenny has only one special move in the game and cannot access magic. To compensate, his physical attack stats are very high.

In the PAL version, he can be added as a playable character via the Debug Island's menu. However, his default name is 'Rene', a misromanisation of his Japanese name. This can be amended in the menu if the player wishes. He plays without issue, however his Iron Claw ability is mistranslated as 'Iron Clow' and has 'Unknown' as its only description.

He can have up to four Hit Areas on the Judgement Ring.

Iron Claw[edit | edit source]

Iron Claw
Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Iron Claw 40 MP Lenny summons many clawed soldiers to attack an enemy. 5 Hits, Hard hit. Lspecial.jpg Ironclawring.jpg

He has his own unique weapon, and his own unique armour.

From the New World[edit | edit source]

Lenny as he appears in From the New World

Johnny Garland's loyal butler. Lenny does all of Johnny's household chores, helps him practice his math skills, and often encourages him to take over his father's business. Lenny Curtis also appeared from Covenant, where he obtained a soul contract with the demon "Godhand", thus can shoot a mystical ball anywhere on the planet so long as he has Johnny to call him on his cell phone.

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