Li Li Li Li
Li Li
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana 麗々*
Romaji Rei rei*
Age N/A
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Home Dalian
Element Dark Element dark.gif

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

A girl from Dalian who lost her father in a tragic boating accident and was forced to lead a cursed life. She took her own life out of scorn for the village and the ocean god.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Li Li's story is sad indeed. A traveling troupe had come to Dalian, and soon she fell in love with one of the performers. It was not meant to be, as soon after, her father's fishing boat was caught in a storm, and thought to be lost. In grief, she sacrificed her voice for the life of her father. He returned, but his own voice was replaced with her feminine voice- she now had her father's gruff voice.

Talk Portrait

Her only way to return her voice was to kill her father. Li Li borrowed a ritual knife from Sea Mother, and every night awaited to try and kill him. Every night, Li Li could not do it. Unknown to her, her father awaited awake every night as well, completely aware of her actions. He wanted nothing more for his daughter to be happy, and have her voice back. Her new voice had already made her too scared to confront the performer she loved.


Some time after, her father went out to fish. Just as before, his ship was caught and sunk. Li Li grieved, again because she believed her father was gone for sure, and because she would never have a chance to regain her voice. Days later, a slimey creature crept from the sea, and confronted Li Li. It was her father, come back to return her voice. She could not do it- she scooped the mass that had become of her father, and used his weight to drown herself in the port.

Boss[edit | edit source]

Li Li is fought twice during the game, first as her normal self, and again in a transformed state.

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