Li Li
Shadow Hearts
HP 580
MP 500
Element Element dark Dark
P-ATK 79
P-DEF 27
Sp-ATK 50
Sp-DEF 27
AGL 22
LUC 22

Dark Messenger

Location Smuggler's Boat
Immunities -
EXP Gained 800
Cash 3800
Soul Worth 3
Item Drops W. Tiger Hair

Bestiary EntryEdit

No entry in the Monster bestiary.

Recommended PartyEdit

  • Yuri - His light fusions are able to do heavy damage against Li Li.
  • Alice - Her healing abilites and the ability to give an ally a light edge attack.
  • Margarete - Her near high attack power is useful.


First phaseEdit

Before starting the fight, be sure to go into the captain's shack, as Kato runs a shop behind his superior officer's back (he's also a lottery member). Pick up a couple of Talismans of Luck, as Li Li's attack "Dark Messenger" will kill any character instantly. As well, pick up items that heal "Paralysis", which is the other attack Li Li can and will use.

Luckily, "Dark Messenger" is her only problematic attack, her physical attacks being weaker. Transform Yuri into his light fusion, or have Alice cast "Holy Edge" on him, or both; either tactic works, but keep in mind that Yuri's physical attack is the strongest, and his MP is very low compartively. Beyond that, Alice should be used as a support character, on defense and healing the party (or, if you have leveled high enough already, she can use "Blessed" Light against Li Li).

Margarete's Grenade special attack does sufficient damage as well, and she can be used as a healer if Alice falls.

Second PhaseEdit

Dehuai appears to the group, and after some talk, revives Li Li anew- and with a new form to boot! This is when the battle with Li Li (Transformed) begins.

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