File:Shadow Hearts OST - Tension ~ DOAFile:Shadow Hearts OST - Terror ~ Angel HeartFile:Shadow Hearts OST - The Temple Surfaces ~ Sign of Him (The Creation of God)
File:Shadow Hearts OST - Theme of the Japanese Army ~ Army MoodFile:Shadow Hearts OST - Uneasiness ~ Someone's TableFile:Shadow Hearts OST - Victory ~ Result
File:Shadow Hearts OST 07 - Destruction - Noise of FangsFile:Shadow Hearts OST 08 - D.O.AFile:Shadow Hearts Opening
File:Shadow Hearts Sidequests.pngFile:Shadow Hearts The Seraphic Radiance RisesFile:Shadow Hearts Track 01 - Icaro ~ Song of Spirits
File:Shadow Hearts Track 02 - Wind Which Blows from the Dark IFile:Shadow Hearts Track 03 - Wind Which Blows from the Dark IIFile:Shadow Hearts Track 04 - Brain Hopper
File:Shadow Hearts Track 05 - Ghost JoggingFile:Shadow Hearts Track 06 - Sphere -qu-File:Shadow Hearts Track 09 - Blade
File:Shadow Hearts Track 10 - Army MoodFile:Shadow Hearts Track 11 - Rice Field of LightFile:Shadow Hearts Track 12 - Coffee with Bullet
File:Shadow Hearts Track 13 - Asian ParfaitFile:Shadow Hearts Track 14 - Heaven - Kunyang KunyangFile:Shadow Hearts Track 15 - Sea - Highnoon Fish
File:Shadow Hearts Track 16 - Angel HeartFile:Shadow Hearts Track 17 - Manufacture - Conveyorbelt for KillersFile:Shadow Hearts Track 18 - Swindler - Shanghai Mood
File:Shadow Hearts Track 19 - Syu-KaFile:Shadow Hearts Track 20 - ProfileFile:Shadow Hearts Track 21 - Someone's Table
File:Shadow Hearts Track 22 - Much Hatred Still RanklesFile:Shadow Hearts Track 23 - Death - Zombie PartyFile:Shadow Hearts Track 24 - Blow Up
File:Shadow Hearts Track 25 - ALICEFile:Shadow Hearts Track 26 - Misfortune - Psycho TempleFile:Shadow Hearts Track 27 - China Ogre
File:Shadow Hearts Track 28 - Melt DownFile:Shadow Hearts Track 29 - Sacrifice - ALICEFile:Shadow Hearts Track 30 - Bloody Kitchens
File:Shadow Hearts Track 30 - Bloody Kitchens-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 31 - Atmosphere - Blow UpFile:Shadow Hearts Track 32 - City
File:Shadow Hearts Track 33- God Knows Bad NewsFile:Shadow Hearts Track 34 - Dirty NailsFile:Shadow Hearts Track 35 - Thorn of Mind
File:Shadow Hearts Track 36 - RecklessFile:Shadow Hearts Track 37 - Graveyard MoonFile:Shadow Hearts Track 38 - Coffin Fetish
File:Shadow Hearts Track 38 - Coffin Fetish-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 39 - N.D.E ~ Near Death ExperienceFile:Shadow Hearts Track 40 - S.S.C ~ Special Short Cuts
File:Shadow Hearts Track 41 - But-Dad-Dead-BedFile:Shadow Hearts Track 41 - But-Dad-Dead-Bed-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 42 - Vitamin Metropolis
File:Shadow Hearts Track 43 - Sweet PillowsFile:Shadow Hearts Track 43 - Sweet Pillows-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 44 - Babysitter is Old Nurse
File:Shadow Hearts Track 45 - Don't Cry My VampireFile:Shadow Hearts Track 46 - Ripper RipperFile:Shadow Hearts Track 46 - Ripper Ripper-0
File:Shadow Hearts Track 47 - Castle of SilenceFile:Shadow Hearts Track 48 - Callback from Jesus MonastaryFile:Shadow Hearts Track 49 - Bacon Juice
File:Shadow Hearts Track 50 - Trip or TreatFile:Shadow Hearts Track 50 - Trip or Treat-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 51 - ICARO (Beated Version)
File:Shadow Hearts Track 52 - TanjouFile:Shadow Hearts Track 53 - Nobody Knocks the DoorFile:Shadow Hearts Track 53 - Nobody Knocks the Door-0
File:Shadow Hearts Track 54 - Star ShapeFile:Shadow Hearts Track 54 - Star Shape-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 55 - Middle of Nowhere
File:Shadow Hearts Track 55 - Middle of Nowhere-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 56 - Demon's GigFile:Shadow Hearts Track 56 - Demon's Gig-0
File:Shadow Hearts Track 57 - Sicking FuckingFile:Shadow Hearts Track 57 - Sicking Fucking-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 58 - Sign of Him ~ Creation of God
File:Shadow Hearts Track 58 - Sign of Him ~ Creation of God-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 59 - ImbroglioFile:Shadow Hearts Track 60 - Bate Me Bate Me
File:Shadow Hearts Track 61 - ResultFile:Shadow Hearts Track 61 - Result-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 62 -Black Cat Floating in Blue Sky
File:Shadow Hearts Track 62 -Black Cat Floating in Blue Sky-0File:Shadow Hearts Track 63 - Shadow HeartsFile:Shadow Hearts Track 63 - Shadow Hearts-0
File:Shadow Hearts Track 64 - Opening Demo Mix IFile:Shadow Hearts Track 65 - Opening Demo Mix IIFile:Shadow hearts 3 conceptart E6UeF.jpg
File:Shadow hearts 3 conceptart H9AlT.jpgFile:Shadow hearts 3 conceptart L0OjF.jpgFile:Shadow hearts 3 conceptart Sm8R0.jpg
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File:Shadow hearts covenant wallpaper karin.jpgFile:Shadow hearts covenant wallpaper karin2.jpgFile:Shadow hearts covenant wallpaper lucia.jpg
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