Element water Loloma
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana ロロマ
Romaji Roroma
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Mayuki Makiguchi
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Uncredited
Age 12
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Home Moana Village
Element Water Element water

Granddaughter to the Moana Village's shaman Okanagan. She is training to be the next shaman once her grandmother passes away. She seems to be worried about her due to her grandmother's constant worry of The Gate. Loloma is first appeared in the Moana Village once her grandmother asks her to bring her our heroes after their journey to the Machu Pichu ruins in Brazil. She then leads them to her grandmother who then discuss of Malice and The Gate. Some time later she is made vice president of the lottery by Keith when he was in his human form.

Library EntryEdit

Cheerful girl from Moana Village, mature beyond her years. Uses her boundless energy to help her great grandmother Okanagan the Elder in all kinds of ways.


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