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Located in a country in Western Europe. London is the capital of England and of the United Kingdom.

London is present only in Shadow Hearts, and contains just three areas the party can travel to.

Old Castle Street Edit

Busy London town situated near the River Thames. The area also contains the home of the London Rats. This is the place where Yuri and the party start their travels in Britain.



Tight-lipped Merchant
Item Price Item Price
Alicebookslogo Ever Bible 9800 Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 5200
Zhuzhenstaves Oracle Staff 8600 Sh1acessorylogo Jade Lariat 5050
Keithswordlogo Silver Crescent Sword* 8300 Sh1acessorylogo Coral Lariat 5050
Sh1armourmalelogo Red Leather Jacket 8800 Sh1itemlogo Thera Seed 120
Sh1armourfemalelogo Jasper Cape 9200 Sh1itemlogo Thera Root 300
Sh1acessorylogoMaleonly Headgear 5400 Sh1itemlogo Mana Seed 300
Sh1acessorylogoFemaleonly Circlet 5800 Sh1itemlogo Mana Root 500
Sh1acessorylogoFemaleonly Charming Pareo 5500 Sh1itemlogo Pure Leaf 230
Sh1acessorylogoMaleonly Loincloth 5200 Sh1itemlogo Pure Seed 510
Sh1acessorylogo Shell Bracelet 2770 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Mercy 820
Sh1acessorylogo Bone Bracelet 2960 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Wisdom 1280
Sh1acessorylogo Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Purity 1760
Sh1acessorylogo Bell Bracelet 3120 Sh1itemlogo Soul Benediction 500
Sh1acessorylogo Mirror Bracelet 3240 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Arrowhead 100
Sh1acessorylogo Cosmic Bracelet 11500 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Dagger 200
Sh1acessorylogo Spikes 2810 Sh1itemlogo Silver Hourglass 100
Sh1acessorylogo Pocket Watch 5200 Sh1itemlogo Gold Hourglass 200
Sh1acessorylogo Will Power 6000 Sh1itemlogo Tent 480
Sh1acessorylogo Leonardo's Bear 3330

Pedometer Step Exchange
Item No. of Steps
Sh1itemlogo Thera Extract 100
Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 300
Sh1acessorylogo Weird Bottle 800
Sh1acessorylogo Iron Clogs 1500
Sh1acessorylogo Flash Badge 2500
Sh1itemlogo Moon Swallow 3500
Sh1itemlogo Star Swallow 5000
Sh1itemlogo Monkey Paw 6500
Sh1itemlogo Silver Hand 7000
Sh1acessorylogo Belt of Power 8000
Sh1armourfemalelogoExclaimationicon Leather Suit 10000


NPC InteractionEdit

Lottery MembersEdit

Lottery Member No. 5, Drunken Orro

London Rat's HideoutEdit

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Home to a small group of orphans who call themselves the London Rats, with Halley Brankett as their leader.

After completing the Orphanage, Sharon will give you access to Pit Fights, roughly the same as to what Zhen offered in Shanghai.

After the events of Calios Mental Hospital, she will only summon a single random monster. Only after the Neameto Float has risen are her fights fully unlocked.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Note: Pit Fight enemy order is randomised.

Pit Fight
Name Notes
Speckled Creeper -
Happy Creeper -
Dark Judge -
Garm -
Tindalos -
Camazotz -
Night Stalker -
Mammon -
Meat Eater -
Doom -
Buggs -
Rausan -
Full Armor Wind Sheer -
Perfect Wind Sheer -



NPC InteractionEdit

Pit Fight RewardsEdit

If the player completes the Pit Fights with all party members, they will gain an additional prize;


97-039 87

The Orphanage

Formerly a mansion which belonged to Cardinal Albert Simon, whom at the time went by the false name of Roger Bacon. Eventually it was sold to a new owner named Jack, who turned it in to an Orphanage.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Banshee -
Larmgelg -
Gremlin -
Name Notes
Night Stalker Mini-boss
Dr Jack -
Mammon -


Treasure ChestsEdit


NPC InteractionEdit

Enemy DropEdit

Lottery MembersEdit

Lottery Member No. 3, Pot-lover Macken


Old Castle StreetEdit

London Rats HideoutEdit


Trivia Edit


Promotional image of Koudelka found in Shadow Hearts

  • It should be noted that The London Rats are somewhat based off of characters from Oliver Twist.
  • A small easter egg of Koudelka can be found in the Pub; it is a picture of her that released to promote the Koudelka game.

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